Lazy outfit

by - May 25, 2012

Haven't been doing much OTDs lately. I'm not sure anymore if I lack the time or I'm just uninspired. :| Either way, I wanna have more time for it again. For now, here's what I wore during our family dinner last weekend...

Thank you to My Glided Nest for my beautiful nest-like necklace and charm bracelet. :) I adore the vintage look. :)


top: mango | bag: penshoppe | flip flops: the flat shop-tkees | shorts: edc

I've been eating a lot this summer and I think I'm starting to develop a stomach. Sad. haha!=P

Anyhoo, hope you guys are enjoying Philippine Fashion Week! Missing a lot on it lately due to classes already starting for me. Hoping I can watch this Friday!

x A.F.A.

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  1. effortlesss yet lovely!

  2. laidback and Very pretty!:)

    Hope you could join my back-to-school giveaway!:)It's open only to college students. :D


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