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by - August 01, 2012

Its been awhile since I last did this because of Instagram. I can't help but immediately take a photo and upload it there. =P But I kind of miss blogging about the sweet sponsors/friends that have been sending me all the nice stuff in my mail. :)

This has been sent to me a long time already, but I never got the chance to blog about it, so here I go!
Thank you so much to, Gel Rodriguez and her partner of HODGE PODGE for these cute bottle cap keychains. Definitely matches my cutesy personality! :) You can visit their site and have your own personalized bottle cap accessories!

Next up is my very own LifeFactory glass beverage bottle and Para'Kito mosquito wrist band!
These two are my staple must-haves when going out now. My mom doesn't like me drinking service water whenever we're at restaurants since I'm pregnant right now, so I always bring my LifeFactory bottle with me! As for the Para'Kito, Athan has been using it in school and whenever we're out and about!:) Thank you to, LDL Marketing, LifeFactory and Para'Kito for these!

Being pregnant can be hard when it comes to dressing up, because I'm not my regular size anymore, but thankfully my friend and owner of Rage Republic, Evan sent over these for me to wear!:)
You can see me wearing the flats in my previous OTD already and I swear, they are one of my comfiest flats ever! Love wearing them. Thank you, Evan!:) Check out her store for more cute shoes!

Now this next one kind of makes me sad. :( Why? Cos the clothes are SO pretty, but I can't wear them yet, because I'm pregnant. Sigh. Watch out, world once I give birth! Haha!:))
Three quirky skirts from Wardrobe Check. :) Thank you for these! Can't help but take them out of my closet once in awhile and just count the months till I can wear them!

I've always wanted more chunky and bold accessories since they're the best things to spruce up preggy outfits lately, so thank you to HOUSE OF SABRINA for my very own "violets are blue II" statement necklace and the thoughtful letter. :)
 BTW, they have more colors to choose from, so feel free to check it out!

Last, but not the least is a huge package from my ever-sweet and loving friend, Tati of BUBBLES!
Aztec clutch! ^_^
Accessories yey!
*sniff* Pretty tribal printed skirts, wait for me and i'll definitely strut you around on December!^_^

Have you seen the latest collection of Bubbles?? They have so much fab stuff to drool over! I love how the brand itself has grown. They have a whooping 19, 096 LIKES on Facebook! Not to mention, a lot of bloggers are a fan of Bubbles. :) Congratulations and thank you so much for these, Tati!

That's all for now!:) Hope you all are safe and sound! Don't forget to bring an umbrella when heading out!

x A.F.A.

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  1. Thanks a lot, Ava! Can't wait to see you wear it! :)

  2. Thank you, Ava! Can't wait to see you wear it! Congratulations again.. :)

  3. Nice "bundles" Beb! :) Nakakamiss nga mga posts mo! :) More please!! ;)

  4. all pretty accessories and stuffs! =)

  5. Thank you ava!!! Yes we reached 19K+ likes and you're part of our success.

    Hope to see again soon! :)

    Take care always!


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