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by - August 06, 2012

The baby is coming in about 4 months and I remember the hubby and I talking about what bottles to get and how many we need, because of course the ones that Athan used before have gotten old and it wouldn't be right if the baby uses it, but we haven't given it really much thought yet. That's why when we got home last week from our family day and saw a really sweet surprise from ARC PR, our heart just melted. ^_^
How awesome can they be?? These are so perfect once the baby comes out! We have four new bottles from KINDERCARE. They're 100% BPA-free and they use Liquid Silicone Nipples (LSR). What is LSR? It's actually better than Solid Silicone, because for years, LSR has been highly-touted for better biocompatibility, as compared to high consistency silicone rubber (HCR). Biocompatibility refers to the degree to which substance is considered to have acceptable interactions with living organisms; products with high biocompatibility have smaller likelihood of having harmful side effects on people. In addition, LSR has been noted to be more durable than HCR in certain situations, making it less likely to break down through the wear and tear of bottle-feeding

So, if you want the best for your baby, you can take into consideration LSR and BPA-free bottles, like KinderCare. :)

Aside from the four bottles and five new LSR nipples for the baby, we also got the following (included the price list for your reference!) :
  • Bottle Brush- Php 54. 90
  • Digital Thermometer- Php 179. 90
  • Nail Clipper- Php 89. 90
  • Baby Wipes (80's)- Php 89. 90
  • BPA Free Bottle prices range from- Php 84. 90 to Php 319. 90
  • 2pc Standard Silicon nipple cross cut- Php 59. 90
For store locations here in NCR...
They have more branches in the provinces as well!
So, in case you want to buy some for your newborn or babies, you can see that KinderCare has pretty reasonable prices and very affordable. You're baby will be safe and you don't have to rip your pockets off. :)

Aside from KinderCare products, I also got WHITE GARMENTS-Beginnings. :) They provided me with white tops, pajamas and a towel for my little boy. :) Why white? Well, for one it's easier to spot stains and dirt, easier to detect insects and it's clean and cool to baby's skin. They also say that white is preferred by pediatricians for newborns, because we have to consider the material of our babies' clothes due to their sensitive skin. It has to be breathable, comfortable and chemical-free. :)

Our new little boy will surely be happy with all the new things that's gonna welcome him when he comes out, but his big brother Athan also has something to be excited about, because he got these as well from ARC PR...

Clothes from SM Department store's Kids Fashion; SM TOONFEST!:) He super loves Ben 10 and Mickey Mouse, so when I showed these to him, his eyes just sparkled! He even told me that he wants to show it to his classmates. ^_^

Here are some of the latest from their TOONFEST collection...

K-Pop theme! Too cute!

In line with their new SM Department store's Kids Fashion; SM TOONFEST, they have an ongoing contest for the kiddies ages 2-14 years old!

So to all parents out there and kids who love to show their talent, this is for you!:)

Thank you so much to, ARC PR, KinderCare, Beginnings and SM Kids for these!

x A.F.A.

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  1. i hope i can find thermometer same as yours in purple! im looking for a digital thermometer but it cost 300+ sigh..

  2. omg ang bilis! 4 months nalang??? so exciting :)


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