Loosey goosey

by - September 30, 2012

Started the day late today. Slept in until the afternoon and by the time the family and I decided to head out, I wanted to be in comfortable clothes. An outfit that I can just freely move in and not feel too tight in. When you're pregnant, everything gets too small. =P Luckily, maxi skirts and loose tops are the perfect combination when it comes to comfy outfits. :)
Currently my favorite bag from Bag Full!
I know the top seems tight on me, but it really isn't. Back when I wasn't pregnant, it was pretty loose on me. I even had to tighten the lower part slightly if I wanted it to hug my hips. For now, obviously, no need for that. :)

Kept my neck accessories simple by just using a long necklace with the same color as my skirt; accents. ;)
For my wrist candies, I used up some of my favorite bracelets and watch. I love the mustache one right now. Especially the one I had made from The Bead Shop with the Hubby's name on rice. See it?♥ ^_^

The reason why I also wanted to wear something loose today was because the family and I went to The Off Price Show to do a little shopping. :) Will blog about that next!
top: mango | skirt: sarah tirona | boho bracelet: tltsn | mustache bracelet: wear mauve | bag: bagfull 

Hope you all had a happy weekend!:)

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  1. Looking good ava!


  2. So pretty, Ava!! :) I like your mustache bracelet and bag!!! ♥

    Arnie Villanueva

  3. You're so pretty ^_^ I like your bag, it look like Celine bag :)

  4. You are blooming!! :)



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