by - September 06, 2012

Just got home from an awesome event and the first thing that greeted me when I got up our stairs were these gorgeous flowers wrapped in a beautiful and candy-colored faux leather cover...
My Lola and Lolo were excited while telling me that I got flowers from someone. The first thing they said to the delivery guy was, "It's not her birthday? Why the flowers?" But days before I already knew that I was going to get something from TECSON FLOWERS. :) I bet if Gersh saw it first he would actually question me a lot about it. It's just funny to surprise people around the house once in awhile. Secret admirer lang ang peg!=P

Here's a close up of the flowers and the cute details, Tecson Flowers carefully placed...
This is from their new collection called, "OohLaLove!" Hence, the title! I love the color combination that they used. Pink is actually my favorite color, so seeing how it was arranged was just perfection! Not to mention the uber cute big bow!:)

To my Hubby, you know where to get flowers when our bundle of joy comes out. *hint* *hint* haha!:))  And same goes for the rest of the boys out there! You now know where to get your loved ones some beautiful and adorably arranged flowers. Visit or call Tecson!;)

Thank you so much to, Tecson Flowers for these!^_^

x A.F.A.

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  1. Ava!

    I cant believe youre 7 months na! Parang ang bilis ah! :) Congrats! Is it another boy or a girl this time? :) You're due na next month - good luck! Tell me all about it- cos ya know I have NO idea! Just that it HURTS a lot! Huhuhu.


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