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by - September 24, 2012

I remember back when I discovered phone charms, I got so hooked and kept adding new ones to my phone. Whether I had the Nokia 3210 during 6th grade, to now my HTC Cha Cha, I just can't help the cuteness! So, when Ear caps or some would call, Dust stoppers came out, you can say I went crazy for them. I think they're the cutest thing since hanging phone charms. :) They add a little more flair to any phone when you put them and of course, they prevent dirt from going in. :) 

So far, this is my humble collection of ears caps...


I like changing it from time to time, so I like options. Heee!:")

The latest ones I got were sent by From Plain to Pizazz. They have a lot of phone accessories to ogle at and wouldn't you agree that these are just sweet?


They have a few ear caps to choose from and aside from that, if you have an iPhone or Samsung phones, they have plenty of decals/skins to choose from and decorate your phone. :) 

If only I had an iPhone, I would definitely get two or more decals. But for now, I love my HTC Cha Cha and my ear caps...


Cuteness overload! Sorry for the overuse of the word- "cute!" It cannot be helped. =P

Have a great week ahead!


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  1. Sobrang cute!!! Panalo yung crown during the brgr project hahaha, pero i didnt know pinapalit palitan lang sha easily, so cool! :P Parang mapapapalit ako ng phone dahil lang sa trinkets hehehe ;)

  2. Cool and cute. :) Where did you got the ones in the first photo? :)

  3. @Dys Different shops :) ( hobby depot, yhansy and eazy fashion ) :)

  4. They look so cute! Makes me wanna buy them and the iphone. Haha.

  5. Cutest phone accessories!!! ♥

    Arnie Villanueva


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