Instagram post # 7!

by - October 11, 2012

Back again with another Instagram post! I gotta admit, I really love doing these kinds of entries. Makes  blogging much more personal. I hope you're not too tired of them yet.^_^

a. ) Got this tiny brief keychain from Jockey and ARC PR last week and I can't get over how cute it is!^_^ At first it was sealed in this black envelope and I assumed the thing inside must be a letter or just a plastic keychain. But much to my surprise, it's a limited edition Jockey mini brief keychain. Definitely love this! Thank you, ARC PR and Jockey!

b.) Lola's Chinese style pancit! My Lola is the one who often cooks at home. I cook too, but Chinese and Filipino food aren't really my forte, so I look forward to my Lola's cooking a lot. :)

c.) A package filled with goodies from ETC Channel!:) I am super looking forward to their new shows this October. Hello, Gossip Girl 6, Vampire Diaries 4 and Emily Owens M.D.! BTW, I can't deny that I love love the MAC makeup and Zen Zest Sanitizer that came with postcards. ^_^

d.) Galaxy Dress from Little Nook and Velvet top from Strings Manila. :) I really can't wait to give birth and wear these. :) Thank you for the thoughtful gifts!

e.) My first Philippine Fashion Week S/S '13 invite! I'm excited to see what's new this season strutting down the runway. :) Thank you, ARC PR for this!

f.) Went on a date with my boy after his school today. We shopped a little for toys, had lunch and just went around the mall. :) He kept telling me that he had so much fun. Sigh.  Just seeing Athan happy and spending the day with him is one of my simple joys. :")

g.) I just realized that some malls don't use plastic anymore when you take out food or even buy stuff. Kudos to them for doing so! I like the fact that they're turning eco-friendly!:)

h.) Spotted this cute keychain at ME & U today and I couldn't resist how cute it was.  Do you agree with me? :)

That ends my Instagram post # 7! Can't wait to update more! Follow me on Instagram ( @artsyava ) ;)


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  1. I've always loved your Instagram posts, babe! I agree with you, more personal nga whenever you do this ♥

    Arnie Villanueva

  2. I'm so looking forward to watching GG and TVD!! =)


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