Mail time!

by - October 04, 2012

The "Ber" months have already started and whenever I receive packages from the mailman, I certainly can't help but feel that Christmas is just around the corner. :)

I have a weak spot for all things cute and these two jack plugs are just adorable!!
Green Tea and Mocha Frappe from Techy Fashion
They look like the real thing too!:) Just makes me wonder which one to use first. =P

Fabric accessories and clothes from Simone's Closet...
They'll be releasing their 40th collection; MIXMatch this Sunday. I heard they'll be having a special promo, so do watch out for that!;) Thank you, Den! Can't wait to wear these!

And last but not the least is a sweet package from Shoe Etiquette. The wrapper absolutely reminds me of Christmas...
upon's JAMES!^_^ I love love the design and color. I already have outfits planned for this! Expect me to abuse this. Especially now that all I can wear are flats. Favorite pair! Hee!:") If you also want your own pair, they also have JAMES in turquoise and fuchsia. :) Thank you, Momma Denise!♥ 

With all that being said, 82 days left till Christmas!!!

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  1. Oh, I love those shoooes! And the green tea frappe jack plug is adorable. :)

  2. I love receiving packages! The shoes you got look so nice :D

  3. Wow, I love the shoes! The jack plugs are so cute, too. :)

    PS. You have a lovely blog! <3

    Pam @ jellylovesbooks


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