Want to customize your own HB satchel?

by - October 13, 2012

We all know how satchels are one of the "it" bags nowadays and how you see them anywhere you go and can easily buy them at malls or online stores. But of course, nothing beats having a bag that matches your personality and really goes to your liking (be that your favorite color, design, etc.), right?:) Luckily, there's a contest going on now catered by STUDIO BOHEME!:)

Basically with this poster alone, you can judge that the contest is all about "customizing" your very on HoneyBadger satchel. You can get a satchel template (click here for more info) from Studio Boheme and get busy and creative with that. :)

Basic details about the contest
1. the contest is open world-wide
2. they just have to make their own unique customization of the satchels - drafts are available for download on the link above.
3. put a little something about reading the design limitations in the mechanics.
3. important dates:
8. Submission of entries and voting starts on October 13, 2012 until November 26, 2012
9. Top 15 entries will be chosen on November 28, 2012
10. Deadline for Votes will be on December 1, 2012
11. Our judges will score each of the Top 15 entries until December 3, 2012
12. Winners will be announced on December 5, 2012 

st Prize

- Winner gets their custom-made satchel for free
- Winner gets an 11 inch regular HoneyBadger satchel – choose from our regular materials
- Winner gets 3000php worth GC for bag and shoe repair services
nd Prize

- Winner gets their custom-made satchel for free
- Winner gets 1500php worth GC for bag and shoe repair services
rd Prize

-Winner gets their custom-made satchel at 70% OFF   Or choose one regular 11 or 13 inch Satchel or Batchel instead
-Winner will get 1000php worth GC for bag and shoe repair services

Consolation Prizes:
Each of the Judges (TBA) will pick their top three from other entries that did not make it to the grand prizes.  Those top three will be able to get their satchel design at 50% OFF

There will be special prizes for the following: 
1. Cutest Design
2. Men’s Choice
3. Fashionista’s Choice
4. Most innovative design
5. Most LIKED
6. Best Draft 

I love Studio Boheme's HB satchels and I tried their customization as well before and it was so much fun. Now you can have your turn! Get those creative juices flowing and get the bag that expresses who you are. Good luck!:)


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