Always thankful!

by - November 02, 2012

Sponsors and companies have been really good to me when it comes to packages and up to now, I am still very thankful for every single one of them, because they take time to send me really awesome stuff that bring a smile to my face and occasionally my family. :)


First package is from Nescafe and Nuffnang Philippines. I know I was going to receive a gift from them, but didn't expect it to be this much!:) My family and I got overwhelmed with the stack of ice coffee that was delivered to our home. But I can't deny my family loves coffee and so do I. I just can't have so much right now since I'm pregnant, but my grandparents and Hubby have been raving about the good coffee. For sure though, when I give birth this month, i'll be needing a whole lot of coffee to keep me up and energized, so I can take care of my little bundle, so thank you so much, Nescafe and Nuffnang Philippines for these!^_^

Next package that I got is from SM Accessories!


A huge loot from the fashion accessories authority, SM!:) There was actually more, but unfortunately, couriers tend to be careless sometimes and two were already broken when I opened the package. :( Nevertheless, I can't wait to style these! Thank you, SM Accessories and Diane Aquinde!

Last, but certainly not the least is from Cetaphil Philippines!


After doing a big giveaway from Cetaphil, I also received these for the family and my personal use. How sweet of them!:) My Hubby is quite dependent on their Gentle Skin Cleanser and Daily Facial Moisturizer, so it's good that we have a few stored at home. :) Thank you, Cetaphil and Joel Andrada for these!:)

Hope you all are having a solemn all souls' day with your family. :)


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  1. I'm so glad I'm here right now! First, I'm craving for some iced mocha. I drink that daily when I was still working in the BPO.

    Second, the cetaphil. I will buy myself one. I got pimples all over. Huhu.

    Anyhow, happy weekend, Ava! =)


    God bless with your baby Ms. Ava!



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