Back to you!

by - December 22, 2012

It's finally the weekend again and that means I get to spend a wonderful time with my family and have the chance to do my outfit shots. ;)


For today, the family and I had an early start. We headed first to ABS-CBN, so I could get a few clothes back from my styling for Karylle, then after we went to MMC for Asher's monthly check-up and vaccine. :) Oh and just sharing, I can't believe Asher's slightly overweight and he's not even a month yet!=P 

Since we were already at Makati, we spent the rest of the day at Glorietta to have lunch and dinner. We also got Athan's Christmas gift. It's really challenging to buy a gift when you're with your kids. I had to distract Athan while the hubby had the toy gift wrapped. hehe. :))


Can I just express how bad traffic is during Christmas season? Everywhere you go and whatever day it may be, you get caught in a jam. :| But let's not let it get to us and maintain that holiday cheer!


So, yes, "Back to you" like my post title states. I am back to my regular pants! My post baby body wouldn't allow my legs and hips to fit in them two weeks ago, so I was so happy this morning when I tried them on and they finally fit me again! Also, I can wear heels or wedges again! I miss being tall. =P

top: little nook | pants: esprit | necklace: sm accessories | elephant bangle: anagon | green bangle: pms-passion meets style | bag: ayla | wedges: shoe etiquette

Only 2 days before Christmas and my mom's coming home yey!!:) Have a great Holiday, everyone!!


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  1. Really cute outfit!

    Holiday Giveaway

  2. pretty as ever! and cute wedges! :)
    I love reading about Asher and Athan. Yoou are such a sweet mom! :)


  3. Love the print of your top, Ava! Welcome back to outfit posting, too!!

  4. Love the outfit Ava! How can you make a simple outfit look so stylish?

    I wonder what you got Athan! :)

    I must agree with the traffic! Everywhere is traffic, my goodness!

    Happy holiday to you and your family, Ava!

  5. Intense talaga ng traffic everywhere! Ka-stress, but you're right. Must not remove the Christmas and happy vibes within us! Haha! Love this look! And I'm glad you can wear heels na ulit!! Weehoo ♥


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