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by - December 06, 2012

Back when I still had a BlackBerry, I went crazy over phone casings. How can you not, right?? I think I went through more than six in just months and as soon as I would see other accessories for it, I would surely buy it. But after a year of having my BB Curve 8250, I decided to let it go, because it wasn't serving its purpose. Plus my phone bill just got really high. I needed a more practical mobile phone, even if it meant that I wouldn't have BB service anymore or that my casing would be limited to one or none. 

To cut the story short, I went for an HTC Cha Cha and I'm not sure if you're familiar with it, but ever since I got it last May, I haven't had a casing for it. All I see in GH or St. Francis Square are iPhone, Samsung or BB casings. You can say that my phone is unpopular with the sellers. -_- Reason why I stopped caring about casings. Luckily, I encountered a store called, CAM'S CASE, where they specialize in customizing cases for you!:)

Spikes or bedazzled?
L-R: The Angela Gorgeous Case and The Nightmare Before Christmas themed cases :)
Add some florals to your gadget!

Above is just some of the finished works that they've done for their clients. They customize phone casings and even laptops for you. Just let them know what you have in mind and they will find a way to make it according to your liking. You can also coordinate with them via email regarding the design, so you can put add-ons or eliminate stuff on your personalized case. :) 

Again, like I said, when it comes to my HTC Cha Cha, it can be a bit difficult to find a case, which is why I was pleased with the service of Cam's Case, because they didn't think it was impossible to get my case and successfully got one! After that, we discussed what ideas or design I wanted for my casing and the first thing that popped in my head was, "Tea party" inspired! I don't know why, but I wanted something dainty. 


Got this yesterday via Mr. Postman and I like how it was carefully wrapped and no harm came to my case when I took it out of the packaging.


Thank you, to the creative brainchild of Cam's Case, Camille for the thoughtful bracelet addition to my Tea Party casing. :)


This is how it looks on my phone. Cute!♥  BTW, this is my first HTC Cha Cha casing ever! The theme was chosen by me, but of course, Camille as a designer still had inputs on it. :)

My first blog appearance after giving birth!

 Hello from me and my tea party case!

Thank you to Cam's Case for my wonderful casing! Do check out her blog entry about my case too!:)

To know more about their services or if you wish to order, visit the following links:
Instagram: @camscase


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  1. hi dear congrats on your new baby :)

  2. that cute case reminds me so much of Japanese girls in Tokyo, matched with their over-decorated nail arts too! I'm amazed how they manage to work efficiently with those nail arts haha... but those case designs are fun!

    Tracy ^_^

  3. Awww babe that casing is reallyyy meant for you!!! ♥ Screams "Artsy Fartsy Ava"!! :D



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