Instagram Diary # 11 // Christmas packages

by - December 17, 2012

Christmas is still a week away, but it already feels like Christmas day itself whenever I see packages waiting for me in our living room.^_^

The first early Christmas gift that I received was from Envy Fashion + Accessories...

Inside was this cute Python skin cuff. :) Thank you so much, Ann and Angela for this. Especially the little note that came with it!

A surprise came in the mail last Wednesday from Hodge Podge...
Got this adorable little bottle cap penguin. I just had to put it on my laptop! Thank you, Gel and Kei for remembering me this Christmas. :)

Another early present also came last Wednesday from one of my favorite local shoe brand, Ichigo Shoes...
Loving this keychain in genuine snake leather. Looking forward to moving my house keys here. :) Thank you, Ichigo!

Next up is actually something I got for myself through my GCASH American Express Virtual Card. I saw this super cute bunny ear cap online last month and I knew I just had to have it. Combine cute and tiny, I was sold! So, I finally got it...
I named it, Bunny Star and it's sleeping on top of my phone. Heee!:")

Oh and I also decided to give myself a little treat, so I fulfilled one of my Christmas wish list and got a pack of Made In Candy...
Excited to open my first pack!^_^

And speaking of ear cap, I also got another cute one from Bellavanite last Friday and along with that came their awesome bracelets and chocolates...
I love the mini Christmas owl card with chocolates. A really thoughtful way of sending packages. That card is going straight to my planner!


I adore the "LOVE" bracelets and I'm so into the bracelet with the snowman, because even after holidays is over, you can detach the snowman and change it into a cross charm. Cool, right??:) Thank you for these, Belle!!^_^ BTW, their new collection is up, do check it out!:)

Thank you so much again to the brands/stores that sent me these early Christmas presents. I am so grateful for your time and remembering me this season. :) I love all the gifts!  God Bless you all!

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  1. Always exciting to open packages!! ♥ Happy holidays babe!! >:D<



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