Instagram Diary # 9//Color Project

by - December 03, 2012

I'm not quite sure what inspired me to do this project, but it started when I was around 8 months pregnant with Asher and maybe it was due to the fact that I was stuck at home most of the time that I wanted to be a little more productive. Hence, the thought of combining the things I found at home with the same color was born!
This is actually one of my favorite colors, so I opted to do this color first. :)
Materials used: notebook / wrap bracelet from Rage Republic / camera keychain / safari the giraffe / monster plushy / promarker / my driver's license / L.A. colors nail polish

I know white really isn't a color, but I love how clean it looks and how well it goes with other things, so I still included it with my Color Project. :)
Materials used: MacBook / HTC Cha Cha / necklace from SM Accessories / Mango watch / milk plushy / nail polish from Skin Food and Wet and Wild
With my third Color Project, I decided to insert some of Athan's things already to make it more fun!
Materials used: Satchel from The School of Satchel / tractor from Athan / green tea perfume by Elizabeth Arden / iPod nano / washi tape from Hey Kessy / Athan's school ID / China glaze polish / bow bracelet from Bellavanite / Athan's rex car
I think this is more Athan or school inspired due to the stuff I used. :)
Materials used: Athan's school bus / yellow pad / Athan's wooden giraffe puzzle / Stabilo marker / ProMarker / braided bracelet from Simone's Closet / wipes / The Face Shop nail polish / tassel earrings from Bell Charms 
Another favorite color of mine, so it wasn't difficult to find things to put together. ;)
Materials used: DIY hex bracelet / washi tape from Hey Kessy / ball of yarn / wanderlust wallet gift from Gersh / cascading necklace from Bubbles / fringe necklace from Anagon
My third favorite color!:) I have three favorites BTW. =P I remember how most girls during my preschool years loved pink!
Materials used: phone sock / Anne Curtis x Bench perfume / pink glue / Chesire cat wallet / SM Kids' purse / Skin Food nail polish / notebook
Forever timeless and classy color of Gold. :)
Materials used: Elle fashion book / SM Parisian bag / Acqua Colonia perfume / Skin Food nail polish / lock and key keychain / spikes bracelet from PMS / name wire by Anagon 
I love this set. :)
Materials used: Hubby's kit / tassel earrings by Nikita / baby sandals / BLV perfume / The Face Shop nail polish / Jockey keychain / Cars from Athan
The last color I did before giving birth. :)
Materials used: my pencil case / bow tie / Athan's sticker book / fire extinguisher / lip gloss / Athan's fire truck 
I still have a lot of colors to do and I'm excited to continue with my Color Project. :) The next colors I have in mind are orange, black, brown and grey. Hoping for more inspiration as I go!

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  1. Really neat! I love this~ Now only if I had any type of colors in my home. I only have black and white T.T


  2. this is such a colorful post,
    i am loving it!



  3. This is so interesting Ms. Ava :) I enjoyed looking at your photos. And I'm inspired to do my own color project, soon. Hee I have to gather round my things and group them by color.

  4. Awww this is such a cuuute post!! :D Love seeing things in the same color palettes, refreshing! ♥ Hope to see you very soon babe!!


  5. I use Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea rin! My everyday scent :) Super saya ko lang when I smell it haha!!

    Cute naman nitong post na to! Ganda ng colors!!

  6. wow this is cute! looks lots of effort and it turned out great. the gold set is my favorite:)

  7. I love the color scheme! This is a great project!

  8. Hi Ms. Ava! This is a great! I was inspired to do my own color project too. :) I love the idea and the colors most especially the gold one.


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