My package has arrived + winner of the #GCASHAMEX giveaway!

by - December 05, 2012

Only last month did I try to shop internationally and now I finally have my first package! Of course, I was able to do this, thanks to the wonderful service of GCASH American Express Virtual Card!:) 

How was the all in all service? To be honest, since this was my first time, I was kinda anxious on tracking my package and keeping updated with the online stores I ordered from. I also kept looking at My-Shopping Box (MSB) account almost everyday just to see if my package arrived at my US address already.  I guess you can say I was a bit worried (despite the good updates of MSB). But only after 10 days, my package arrived right at my doorstep! No more customs or crazy post offices. How convenient!:)


The packaging itself is already thumbs up for me! Perfectly sealed and no major box dents in sight. Plus, them delivering my package on time is awesome. ;) But I'm sure you're all wondering about the shipping rates, right?

MSB has two shipping methods; Air Freight costs around $5.99 to $8.99 per pound, but would only take 10-12 days for your package to arrive. While, Sea Freight would take a bit longer, but will cost you only $2.99 per pound. :)

As for my package, It originally costed me $17.97 to ship it via air and $8.97 via sea. But the little girl in me couldn't control her excitement and chose to ship my order via air. Quite pricey than sea, but truly worth it, because upon paying for my shipment with my GCASH American Express Virtual Card, I was given a GCASH Net Discount of 3%!

Now you know why using #GCASHAmex is awesome!:)

So, I only had to pay $17.43 for my shipping. Yey!!:) BTW, aside from the GCASH discount, the shipping fee already includes taxes, so no more worries about hidden charges!^_^

And finally, the unveiling of my much awaited-first international purchase from Nordstrom...


I was only ogling at this last month on my GCASH American Express Virtual Card entry and now it's here! So giddy while opening this! But I actually opened it slowly. Savor the moment... haha!:))


My Pretty Nylon- Exeter shoulder bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs. I think this will be an overused bag. :) The size is just perfect and the color is lalalalove! I am a happy bean!

This was such a hassle-free service and I'm certainly using my GCASH American Express Virtual Card again soon!

Of course, I can't forget what my post title says. I am also announcing the lucky winner of my GCASH American Express Virtual Card giveaway!:) The GCASH team specifically picked the winner for this giveaway. I only double checked the entries and submitted it to them for choosing. :) Anyhoo, without further ado, the winner is....


Congratulations!!!:) You win the free shopping loot I shopped from courtesy of GCASH American Express Virtual Card! Sorry I don't have an actual picture of your prizes yet. They're still on their way here, so for now, hope the image above gives you a little glimpse of what you'll be getting. ;) Will also coordinate via email regarding this!:) Thank you to everyone who joined this giveaway!


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  1. Ahhhh, gorgeous bag, Ava!! It's sooo you ♥ Haha I'm glad your first international online shopping experience turned out well! :) Ang galing, no need to go to the post office, sobrang convenient nga :D YAY to you and your Marc Jacobs bag ♥



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