Colors of nature

by - January 26, 2013

The hues of my outfit reminds me so much of trees, the sun and water. Better that I take photos near the plants too. Don't you just love how photos look so much better when taken outdoors? so I think it's just but right that my title gives credit to mother nature. :)

So, this Saturday, I started my afternoon by heading to school, because I have one class to attend and this is what I wore, minus the shorts. CSB doesn't allow their students to wear something too short. Hence, I went for trousers. But when I got home, I immediately changed into this for our family day!


Wore this outfit for a day at the mall and returning of pull-outs. Also had a few hours of date with the Hubby. We had lunch and dinner out. Missed our alone time! hehe. :)


My accessories also remind me of nature/animals, because of the feathers on my necklace and the bracelet short of looks like fish tails/bones. :)  Oh and don't you just love my quirky looking flats? I kept thinking while walking today that if my toes feel tired, I can easily stick them out. haha!:)) Excuse my weirdness. I just find my shoes funny. :))

I was planning to actually stick to my plain trousers since my top's bursting with colors. But then I saw these lovely lace shorts and I thought it complemented my top better. 

top: f&h | shorts: rage republic | flats: gold dot | necklace: taiwan | fish bone bracelets: j9 designs | dream bracelet: anagon 

Today was just an overwhelming day for the Hubby and I. Won't elaborate anymore why, but i'll describe it as, "WHAT. A. DAY." Anyhoo, hope you all had a good Saturday!


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  1. I love the entire outfit!

    Hope you can drop by my blog! I'm currently giving away $80 GIFT VOUCHER FROM MSDRESSY!


  2. I find your shoes strange but also cute at the same time! haha..Nice outfit by the way. :))

    -xoxo, FRANCES

  3. Super cute!! The shoes look funky. Ang kulit lang ng design :P

    xx Megann / STYLE SURGERY

  4. What caught my attention most are the flats. Ang cute naman! <3


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