What's in my bag: College version

by - January 15, 2013

After stopping for one term due to giving birth, I am now finally back to school and for me it feels like I'm going back for the very first time and it's quite exciting. :) I love preparing for a new term and writing on new notebooks when we have lectures. But most especially, packing my stuff for school!:)

So this is a segment of What's in my bag: College version!


I've always settled for plain tote bags or backpacks when I go to school. Ever since I started College a few years back. Which is why I decided to switch to something more not-so plain and went for zebra prints. :) But even if I'm going for something different, I still can't help but put keychains on my bag. A staple for me ever since I was a kid.

The contents of my school bag...


Yellow pad- a must for college students or at least for us Benildeans. :) We use this a lot during seat works, homeworks and quizzes. Plastic Envelope- to put my handouts in, so they don't get crumpled or even wet. Sticky-on paper- in case I ran out of space on my planner and need to write more assignments. Pencil case- so I can easily find my pens!


Bunny bookmark- for my trusty planner! Notebook- where I jot all my notes in class. Muji planner- When you give birth, your memory span shortens, so a planner is a must for me to remember everything. :)


I commute, so an Umbrella is surely handy for our fickle Manila weather. Also have my Wallet for cards and money. / Phone and house keys.


Wet wipes, Alcohol, Candies- because I sometimes get sleepy in class ( puyat-mother mode!) these are helpful to keep me awake in class. / Lip balm.

That's it! The things you can find in my bag, college version!:) How about you? What's inside your bag?;)


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  1. Awwww :"> I enjoyed looking through those photos! The things inside your school bag are interesting! Haha ♥ Let's do more posts like this soon, babe :)

  2. oh my, ganitong-ganito rin ang laman ng school bag ko!

  3. nice!!!!makes me wanna make another what's in my bag: work version.. since i do not go to school anymore..
    i enjoyed :)

  4. the photos are so cute! i love the things in your bag!! very essential for school!!

    paint it stripes
    new post is up :)

  5. everytime I see a Hot Pink and a Black and White Print combo reminds me of Tiara Hatboxes!


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