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by - March 15, 2013

Got a sweet treat in the mail today from one of my favourite online stores of all time, LoveNikita. :)


If you know me well, you'd probably know that I absolutely love hand-written letters. Despite our borderless world nowadays, I think nothing would ever beat those personal touches. I always have a place for these either on my cork board or planner. :)

These are the lovely stuff I got in my LoveNikita pouch...


Aside from hand-written notes, I am a huge handmade fan! It just shows how much effort and heart they put in while making them. Too precious for words. :)

Just wanna share that back in grade school, 7th grade if I remember correctly, we were asked by our teacher in HELE class to make a crochet bag. Imagine how dreadful that was for me, because I knew I couldn't crochet properly to save my life. I would be halfway done, while my guru classmates would be adding their finishing touches. I was so happy when HELE would be over. But when I reached high school, I actually missed it and tried doing a crochet bag over and over again. :)) It was a frustration of mine and I loved it. But, crochet and I, we just don't have a mutual understanding=P

Crochet frustations topic aside, I super adore the pieces I got from LoveNikita. Can't wait to wear them! Thank you so much, Nike for these!^_^


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  1. avaaaaa i miss you!:) yun lang hihi! hope you're doing great!



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