Rain in spring time

by - March 28, 2013

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They say that the Spring 2013 trends are stripes, lace, pastel and florals. Knowing that and spring being my favorite season right now, I decided to do another spring outfit and combined lace, pastel and florals together all in one look!:) 

While taking my OTD, it suddenly rained and we had to rush inside. Imagine it being spring/summer now and still it doesn't seem to stop raining. :( Even if it rains, the weather doesn't seem to get any colder. It actually gets hotter. Boo. :(( But fortunately after a few minutes the rain stopped and out I go again!:)) Bipolar  weather is bipolar!

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Love my crochet/lace collar. It seems like a part of my top and the other reason why I love it so much is because most detachable collars I encounter often rise up on my neck when I wear them. Unlike this one, it securely sits on my neck. ^_^

My chucks are extremely dirty right now. This is my first pair ever and I can't seem to part with it. My mother keeps nagging me to wash it. =P I don't mind if it already looks mucky, because aren't sneakers suppose to be that way?? Moreover, they're still sturdy and as you can see, I can still use them! Perfect for bipolar weathers too!

 photo IMG_9373.jpg

top: gift from gersh
shorts: bench
collar necklace: lovenikita
bracelets: bellavanite
glasses: taiwan

Spending the Holy Week at the in-laws place. :) It's really near the church, so that's perfect for us. :) 

Hope you are all enjoying the break. But don't forget that this week is about God. :) Stay safe! 


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  1. I wish my Chucks are still that wear-able. I know the more torn it is the better but mine is just <3

  2. love the colors of your outfit ate ava!! :) and dirt in your chucks is good! yung memories nyan sa mga time na suot mo yan. hihi :")

    Rae \(^o^)/
    Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

  3. I love battered chucks! Ganyan din itsura nung first pair ko haha :) x

  4. You look so cute Ava! Love how you reasoned out with your chucks. Hehe :)


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