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by - March 20, 2013

Truth be told, there are days when I just feel really down. I would normally start the day feeling alright and good, then all of a sudden something I see or encounter would trigger the unhappy sense in me. Believe me, I try to be joyous again. When I get that heavy feeling inside of me, I immediately take action-- either I play with the kids, talk to the husband, doodle, or look for quotes filled with inspiration and optimism. 
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Putting quotes in my planner for reminders :)
I know you aren't used to seeing me post things like these, because I choose to write about things that not only make me smile, but of course my readers as well. I don't want people going to my blog the first time and never coming back again because of all the negativity they felt. It's definitely not healthy for anyone. Besides, this is my happy place. But I hope you don't mind this melancholy entry for today. 
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Bible verses to help me when I'm feeling down. It works!:)
 I guess there are just times when you can't help but feel lost and weak. I'm only human after all. From there thoughts start pouring in and I wonder about the past, present, future and question myself; Why are the opportunities I seek so hard to attain lately? Why do I feel like being forgotten in certain things?  Am I not good enough? How long can I cope up studying what I'm not interested in? How long will this take? Why do I feel lost? When will I get MY turn? I seriously dislike getting these thoughts or feelings, because I honestly want to be happy. Who doesn't right?? But how can I be happy when I bury myself with these worries? Another question.
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A prayer I encountered on Twitter :)
I don't have all the answer to my questions and there are more queries in my head. But then again, I often remind myself that I should never complain. I have no right to complain. God has given me so much in life. More than I could ask for and more than I deserve. He may not always give me what I pray for, but he actually gives me unexpected blessings that make me so much happier. He knows me better than I know myself. I wish I didn't feel that way I do sometimes (in terms of being down), because I should always keep in heart that in God's own time or if it's in his plan, it will happen and he will help me for the better and not just because I want it. 
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*not an original work/ just an inspiration* I forgot the H in sight haha :)) Sorry!
Also, a few words of wisdom that my mom told me today is that to focus more on what I'm doing now, do what makes me in a good mood, like blogging. To not dwell on the things that I cannot do anything about, because it is pointless. When I finish with my studies I can do so much more and to do greater things in whatever I have now. 

Being sad is just a part of our everyday struggle. Like the famous quote; " Be Kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." -Plato ] Because of this I realized that there are so many things to be grateful for and happy about instead of sulking. I have a beautiful and healthy family, I get to spend time with my kids as often as I want, I am a happy wife, I'm in a good school, I have my own set of opportunities (even if they don't come as often as I would like. i'm still thankful for them), and all in all, I am in a good place and blessed. That's all that matters.
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"What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while." and "Act the way I want to feel."
And you know what, letting all this out just made me feel better. Not a 100% but I'm getting there. Currently reading "THE HAPPINESS PROJECT" by Gretchen Rubin and I thought at first it wouldn't have any effect or interest me. But the book truly does wonders. If you need a picker-upper, then this is it. :)

Oh BTW, something to be totally happy about...
 photo IMG_9260.jpg
Our baby Asher has reached a milestone! He can finally flip over and raise his head! I can't wait to see more of his "firsts." They're pure bliss to me.

I hope I didn't bore you with all of my drama. It was just something I had to let out and if you're feeling the same thing, I surely hope this post made you realize a thing or two. If you reached the end of this post, thank you so much for reading. :)


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  1. Whatever you're going through now, Ava, I'm sure you'll be fine! :) Your planner bursts out with positivity and love ♥ I really want to read that Happiness Project book. Ahhh, soon! :) Goodluck babe and keep your head up!


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