Bonjour! Elle Girl now open in Shangri-La Mall!

by - April 19, 2013

Spent a wonderful afternoon yesterday by attending the Elle Girl store launch at the new wing of Shangri-La Mall. :) It was my first time there and I love the ambiance. But most of all, I love the fact that fashion's newest darling, Elle Girl, a Paris-inspired brand that brings current styles from the City of Light straight to the young Filipina is opening more and more branches here in Manila!:)

 photo IMG_9550.jpg
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It isn't difficult to spot the cute little store of Elle Girl, because if you have a strong radar for pink and girly stuff, then for sure you would be easily lured into their shop. If you don't believe me, here's a view of what you can expect if you visit their Shangri-La branch...

 photo IMG_9537.jpg
 photo IMG_9538.jpg
 photo IMG_9566.jpg

Among all the clothes in the store, this definitely has my heart. The lovely detailing of the roses on the skirt is just stunning. I wish I could wear it on my birthday. Hehe! Gorgeous, right?? I'll say that over and over again!

 photo IMG_9539.jpg
 photo IMG_9540.jpg
 photo IMG_9548.jpg

There have so many pretty dainty dresses that I'm sure you would love too. :) You gals can expect various looks, from classic, romantic, edgy and rock-and-roll. There are so many styles to chose from. :)

The Spring/Summer '13 collection emphasises different trend aspects for budding purveyors of chic to explore. Jardin plays on the fresh appeal of hot house florals with full-skirted frocks and breezy tops, while Tropical turns up the heat with palm-tree printed t-shirts and bold pops of orange, yellow, and red. Finally, Rock Academy takes on an edgier bent with dark hues, sleek cutes, and subtle faux leather piping on slinky dresses.

 photo IMG_9553.jpg
 photo IMG_9563.jpg

Spot the white lace shorts. I have that pair and it's one of my fave in the closet!

 photo IMG_9552.jpg
 photo IMG_9565.jpg
 photo IMG_9544.jpg
 photo IMG_9546.jpg

But don't fret! They also have cute graphic tees and laid back outfits if you prefer something more on the line of casual-chic! Stylistas can also select from the brand's accompanying collection of shoes, bags, and accessories to complement their attire. :)

Now off to the event program!

 photo IMG_9554.jpg
 photo IMG_9555.jpg

With my fellow bloggers and girl friends; Krissy, Arnie, Angela, Sarah and Ana. :)

 photo IMG_9561.jpg

Aside from seeing the new store, we were introduced to the Style Experts or Elle Girls. I already knew beforehand who the 5 Elle Girls was, because of the previous Elle Girl event--ELLE GIRL IS HERE

But if you still don't know them, they're... CAMILLE CO, JESSICA YANG, JULIA SNIEGOWSKI, PAM SOLILAPSI and JAMIE LACISTE. Each of these girls envoys of parisian style. 

 photo IMG_9562.jpg

After expanding to Canada, Taiwan, and Malaysia, the brand opened its first store in the Philippines in 2009 boosting up the country's growing interest in all things hip. Executive Vice President for the company, Ms. Joan Yao tells us that, "Our clothes are a way for girls to display their personalities through an expert, contemporary take on teen wear. Runway designs are not always made for daily use but Elle Girl adapts these original concepts and turns them into everyday pieces." :)

There! You've seen it and know something about Elle Girl. But if you want updates, visit the following:


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  1. oh i want the denim jumpskirt. didn't see that last time. haha. it was nice seeing you at the event ava!


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