Beige be with you!

by - April 18, 2013

Feeling a little beige today as you can see from my pants, shoes and bag. But of course I had to go for a different colour when it came to my top, because I might go overboard with beige and be very monochromatic. I always find that pairing orange with beige looks really well together, don't you?:) 

Anhoo, this is what I wore to the event I attended to this afternoon and also to a coffee shop date with the blog friends. It was good catching up, because we discussed about so many things, but the main focus was our "Career talk" since our dear Arnie recently graduated. Yey!! Congratulate her!:) 

 photo IMG_9573.jpg
 photo IMG_9570.jpg
 photo IMG_9572.jpg

top: rage republic
trousers: regatta
bag and belt: sm accessories
necklace: estrellas manila
sandals: comfit

So yeah, speaking of career, were you guys ever troubled of what jobs you'll be going for once you graduate, how will the interview go, is the salary enough or would you rest for awhile before working?? So many questions in mind. But for me, I already have a few tips in mind for fresh grads...

  1. If you have the time, take a break first. A few months or maybe a year if you were really stressed out in school. Because once you start working, tuloy-tuloy na yan. You have less holidays, because usually schools have more of those and you'll surely be super busy. Unless your work is home based. ;) So, chill muna!
  2. During your break, contemplate on what job you really wanna go for. May it just be a stepping stone or career to the max, think about it over and over. :) You don't want to find yourself quitting immediately just because you took that job out of impulse, right? Also, find activities that can keep you productive, so you're not too idle. Ex.) Events, cooking or crafting classes, sports, etc.
  3. If you're done with your chilling phase or if you're still at it, start working on your resume and upload it on JobStreet. You can get prospect jobs when they call you. At least you're doing something productive while waiting. 
  4. When you're already working, get as much experience as you can. It pays to have experiences, because if you want to transfer to another job in the future or maybe go abroad, you can show your employers that you have a lot to offer. 
  5. Lastly, whatever job or career path you take, be passionate about it. When you love what you're doing, being tired or busy comes secondary to mind. You'll feel more fulfilled. :)

I know I haven't graduated yet (soon, I will!!), but I already have working experience and the tips, they're just something I learned along the way. Plus, I have an idea of what I want to do after graduating. So, I hope these tips help you!:)

Thank you to, my babe Arnie for taking my photos!^_^ Congratulations again! Mwah!:-*

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  1. I took a break when i graduated, for a year. Heehee.

    Your outfit looks refreshing,how doyou always look so fresh?

  2. AWWW ♥ Love you Ava!! So great catching up with you guys yesterday :"> Thank you also for the wonderful tips. Haha definitely keeping them in mind! Career consultation pa more soon hahaha mwa! :*

    So pretty and fresh, btw!! ♥

  3. You look so dalaga talaga Ava. You don"t look like having 2 kids at all. Your OTD's are all bagay to you because you're petite, fair and cute. Always my support.

  4. Love that you kept everything else in beige, Ava. The orange top was extra striking!

    :) Erika


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