I moustache you a question....

by - April 21, 2013

 photo IMG_9586.jpg
..........Do you like my moustache sweater top???:))

 photo IMG_9578.jpg
 photo IMG_9576.jpg

Got this uber cute sweater top from SHE INSIDE and I think this will be one of my favourite pieces in  the closet, because of the prints. I don't know if you notice my URL icon above, but if you do, you'd notice that it's a moustache. You can say I like it quite a bit. =P Some say that it's hipster to like moustache prints, so does that mean I'm hipster? Heee! 

Oh and a little FYI, my pants are actually hot pink. For some reason when we took these shots, it turned out orange. Weird. :| Anyhoo, I still like it!

 photo IMG_9582.jpg

Went all matchy-matchy again with my accessories and chose a white and silver theme since the colour of the moustache is white. It cannot be helped. :)

 photo IMG_9579.jpg

sweater top: she inside
pants: sm ladies fashion
necklace: sm accessories
dream bracelet: anagon
flats: rage republic
sunnies: avon ph

Wore this to my pre-birthday celebration yesterday with my boys. We went around the mall, the hubby got me awesome birthday gifts and we had dinner at Greenbelt as well. I'm still celebrating my birthday today with my grandparents this time. But I just really wanted a day to celebrate with my Husband and kids.  :)

I am officially 24 today and I feel so old!! Gahhh!! Haha!:)) But even so, all I really want is to have a happy celebration and a great year ahead. :) *senti mode-on* :)) Sigh. Cheers to being TwenTEEN-FOUR!^_^


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  1. cute sweater! I love the way you paired it with those bright jeans


  2. Happy happy birthday, babe!!! >:D< You look so gorj with this outfit! Haha and catchy title, too! Cute! ♥ Wishing you all the best in life. You deserve it! >:D<

  3. Love the sweater! Ahh. want one!

  4. super kaduper cute mo ava!! parang di naga-age!! angfresh fresh! happy birthday :D

  5. Super love your sweater ate! :) pls visit my blog po.I'm new blogger lang po.Hihi thanks :)


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