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by - May 18, 2013

We have to admit that during our grandparents and maybe our parents' generation, they didn't have to encounter so much health issues, because back then people's routine was much simpler and I think that's because of the little technology they have available, which I think adds to a healthier lifestyle. But now in our present time, we know how much fast foods there are and to top it off, the bad vices of alcohol and smoking at the side. But it's important to stay healthy. Junk foods can never be a substitute for real and healthy food.  People at an early age even start going to the gym, yoga or they turn vegetarian. I'm not saying it's mandatory to be all of the above, but I guess these are just some of the things we really have to take into consideration due to the big changes that has happened to our world. We need to take care of ourselves and the people we love as well, such as our family. :)

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Last Wednesday, I attended the event of Lifefactory and Para'Kito over at JuJu Eats at Pasong Tamo Ext. and at first it was only about the two brands, but I was actually surprised to find out that it was more of being aware of what we do to our body and how we should live a healthier.

JuJu Eats is known for their JuJu Cleanse by husband and wife team Kat and David Azanza. In a nutshell, the Juju Cleanse program is designed to give your body a break, so that it can focus on digesting nutrients and flushing out the junk. It also promotes hydration and alkalinity in the body to reduce the foothold of the nasties. --All fresh, delivered at your doorstep, and ready to go, the Juju Cleanse is a no fuss, all benefits approach to juice fasting.

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The food at JuJu Eats made me speechless. I love salads and I eat them a lot, so I know what I like and what tastes good. Aside from salads being healthy, because of the fruits or vegetables, they actually provide Fiber, you cut calories and you lower your risks of diseases. I've tried salads from different known/popular restaurants, but JuJu Eats definitely takes the cake. I ordered the GREEK SALAD and it tasted soooo good! No kidding! It's not the typical kind and I never knew it could make my tastebuds that happy! Their lemon slush also tasted different to me, but in a good way. Try it!

They already have a fixed menu for their salads, but if you prefer your own twist or mix, you can ask for a personalized one. :) They're served and prepared in front of you, so you can assure that it's fresh.

The first talk we had was from Kick-Start Coffee. You've got to admit that freshly brewed coffee is the best and that it helps us perk up when we're incredibly tired.

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Kick-Start Coffee is made from local brew. This allows them to connect with a network of local farmers ensuring that their coffee has passed through the least amount of hands possible. Relationships they've brewed and developed for over 30 years.

BREWED AWAKENING-100% Premium Arabica
Catered to the coffee sophisticate who doesn't compromise taste and quality and is convinced that life is too short to drink bad coffee

YOUR DAILY LIFT- Balanced.Full-bodied.Mild.
This blend was our answer to your everyday wake-up-and-smell-the-coffee cup of joe. Made mornings coffee mornings less complicated.

Made with Excelsa beans that are medium roasted to perfection. Full bodied and robust with an intense fruity aroma and bold, yet sweet flavor. Smooth on the palate. Each bean is hand-picked when perfectly ripe from coffee trees grown in the highlands of Cavite. The unique climate, high elevation, and volcanic soil from the Taal Volcano combine to create this coffee's strong and bold taste.

Which brew do you prefer?:)

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David Azanza explained to us the wonders of Para'Kito and he mentioned that Para'Kito is an all-natural anti-mosquito protection band and clip that both kids and adults can wear. Instead of using lotion on kids and make them feel sticky, especially in this unbearable heat lately, why not use a Para'Kito band to give your kids the most long-lasting and safe anti-mosquito protection. Para'Kito uses all-natural ingredients that makes it safe for all ages. It is also hypoallergenic and non-toxic, You can save too, because you can purchase a band or clip (if your kid keeps taking it off their wrist) and you don't have to throw it after the . Just refill it with a new pellet and you're all set to go!

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And unlike the unsightly sticker patches, Para'Kito offers stylish and easy to wear in the market. Choose from their wide range of colour and graphic bands and clips that you can mix and match for any occasion. The pellet lasts for 24 hours a day for 15 straight days.

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Next up, telling us why she loves Lifefactory is Model, Emcee, Wife and Mother Goddess of all time, Bianca Araneta-Elizalde. She tells us that the reason why Lifefactory is one of her main choices is because of the glass bottle. She explained to us how harmful plastic bottles can be due to BPA(Bisphenol A ) released when exposed to heat and imagine, if your baby drinks from that plastic bottle filled with harmful chemicals. BPA is also known to have a higher risk to infants.

That's why for her, glass is the way to go, because it doesn't contain BPA and even if the bottle of Lifefactory is made out of glass, it won't easily break because of the rubber sleeve. This has been tested and proven by me. I dropped mine before on our cement floor and I really was expecting that it would break, but upon checking and still using it up to now, it's very durable!

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Lifefactory introduces another amazing addition to its adult line of glass beverage bottles. The new Flip top cap saves you time and effort with its smart and functional design. All you need is one hand to open your bottle and drink! No need to remove the cap from the bottle. The pivoting handle allows you to do more as it provides a great way to carry the bottle and stows out of the way for drinking. The wide-mouth access makes it easy to add ice cubes or fresh fruits into your drink. How convenient is that?
Just like the Lifefactory you’ve come to know and love, the new Flip top cap still comes with a
Lifefactory bottles are perfect for the fickle-minded drinker. It can withstand extreme temperatures letting you enjoy your drink however way you want it.
Toting a Lifefactory will never be out of style. Choose from classic neutrals to more bold colors to match your #outfitoftheday. Mix, match, or color block your caps and bottles if you’re feeling more daring. The choices are yours to make!
Ready, Set, FLIP! Drinking has never been this fun with the new Lifefactory Flip top cap bottle. Go grab one now! 

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This event became more enjoyable, because my good friend, Cheska Layug was there. My first ever blogger event with her!:)  She's new in the blogging world, but really a great mommy blogger, so do check her out. ^_^

I really enjoy intimate gatherings like these, because aside from the fun time and great food, I actually learn a few things that can help me improve myself and how I take care of my family, like just by using   a glass bottle and refillable anti-mosquito band is a whole lot better than wasting bottles and risking our health. By having a healthier lifestyle, you are already being SAFE.SIMPLE and SMART! :)


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