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by - May 08, 2013

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top: sm ladies' fashion
shorts: bubbles
candy betties bracelets: dainty betty
sneaker wedges: gifts ahoy
bag: marc by marc jacobs

There are days when I feel really stressed out and my body just wants to give up, because of all the things I have to do, whether it be at work, errands, school or at home. But of course, I don't give up mentally and emotionally. My body might feel tired, but I try to fuel it up and surround myself with happy thoughts and people. I think that's what matters more and will get you through anything in life. :) Besides, what's the point in being down when I have so much to be grateful for? God is indeed good in his own time!:) 

L-R: group IG picture from Arnie :) / Thank you for this beautiful top and sweet letter, @honeyandrade!:) It's my first H&M item too! / Reunited!:) jamba juice with @honeyandrade and @anagon / Finally dessert!:) so full and happy! Thank you #Eskinol for the food and great night.

Speaking of surrounding myself with happy people, today I enjoyed an awesome day with my blog friends. You know the joyful feeling when you get reunited after not seeing each other for a long time? I'm so thankful to have them as my friends. Even if we haven't seen each other for awhile, they remain TRUE, our bond hasn't changed and it's always a laugh out loud time. You rarely find that nowadays.   Even if it was a jam packed day, I know in my heart that I'm ending the day happy and content. Definitely good vibes! Thank you, Lord for these wonderful people!

Sorry for the cheesy post! I just felt like I needed to express how glad I am to have great friends. :) And another thing is that how important it is to not let the bad vibes ruin everything. I know it can't be avoided cos I get those days too, but there's always something better to look forward to. We just have to try hard enough to see that. :) 

Before I end this post, did you notice my new header???^_^ Ahhh!! I am so ecstatic about it! I even fixed my sidebar icons just to match it!:) I love Washi tapes, so I think it's just but right to take that as an inspiration for my header. :) BTW, this all thanks to my Twin and good friend, Megann Jabola of STYLE SURGERY!:) Visit her DESIGN BLOG if you also want a header or layout made! 

How do you like it??:) I'd love to hear what you think!

Annnnnnnd.... Did you find the hidden Mickey here?? Haha!:))


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  1. LOVE YOU AVA!!!! AND THE GIRLS, TOO, OF COURSE ♥ Lucky to have been surrounded by friends who remain true and palaging good vibes! :) More bonding pa soon!

    I love your header btw!!! OMG Galing ni Megann!! :)

  2. saw this on insta, and those shorts are so unique and interesting!!! Chic outfit Ms.Ava :)

    czarina :)


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