Glade Sensations Bathroom: Freshness that brings a smile to your bathroom!

by - May 06, 2013

When it comes to the bathroom, we all know that it is one of our primary concern when having guests over. In my case, I'm quite sensitive. I dislike going in bathrooms that are dirty and most of all smelly. I'd rather hold in doing number one rather than give oneself up to that ugly bathroom experience. Same thing with my eldest son Athan ( who is very vocal), he would even complain out loud if he smells something funky. =P

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Which brings me to share with you all a product that I love using ever since--Glade Sensations Bathroom. I remember when I first encountered their air freshener products during my teen years at the grocery and used it to make my room smell like lavender. Not that my room smelled bad. I just wanted pag pasok ng friends or family members sa room ko parang may aroma-theraphy going on kunwari. Oh diba freshness?;)

Like I said, the bathroom is one place that you have to consider when it comes to odor elimination. Not because its the bathroom and it is considered our private space that it gives us an excuse to let it be smelly. We should actually do something to make it better since we spend our time in there. 

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Right now I have the Glade Sensations Bathroom Lavender in our bathroom. Whenever I would go out of our bedroom, I could instantly smell it and that's awesome! I'm not even inside the bathroom yet I can already sense that it's working its wonders! Athan can't stop going in our bathroom and keeps saying, "Hmmm smells good! smells good!"  It utilizes the concentrated gel of Glade Sensations Refill that's capable of eliminating smelly odors lingering in the bathroom. It releases a nice and long-lasting fragrance that will surely bring a smile to your bathroom for up to 60 days. How great is that?:)

Another thing I like about Glade Sensations Bathroom is that, I don't have to spend so much. Because if I buy the Starter kit that retails for Php 108 (already comes with a refill; Lavender or Lemon), and the original refill that I have has already dried up or the fragrance is gone, the only thing I have to buy is the Glade Sensation Refill for about Php 80 and I can choose from a range of refills; Glade Sensations Refill Lemon, Lavender, Ocean Escape, Morning Freshness, Jasmine and I Love You on my succeeding purchase! And remember, this lasts for weeks, so talk about getting my moneys worth and very economic. :)

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And this product is very easy to use. :) Just peel off the Sensations Refill back panel and put it inside the holder. The peeled off portion should be facing the holes. The holder has a hole and a free-stick on adhesive at the back panel. You can either hook or attach it to a wall depending on your bathroom interior. It is also stable enough to be stood on a hard surface.

And since the holder is versatile and quite stylish in design, you can put this not only in your bathroom, but can be act as an air freshener for your living room, bedroom or even your car!

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I even placed an extra refill in our car incase it runs out and believe it or not, even without the holder, the refill is actually Ready to use. Meaning you can open it and leave it on your cup holder in the car and it will still work!:)

If you want to try this product out, you may buy Glade Sensationsa Refill and Glade Sensations Bathroom in all leading supermarkets nationwide. Enjoy!

Glade is the leading brand of air freshener being sold in various territories worldwide. Its family of products includes household and car air fresheners. 
 Glade is a product of S.C. Johnson. S.C. Johnson is a leading FMCG company engaged in the manufacture and marketing of household care products. The following are among the other brands produced and owned by SC Johnson:
  • Baygon
  • OFF!
  • Mr. Muscle
  • Pledge 


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