Breeze Sigeland: The toy store where you don't need cash!

by - June 24, 2013

If there's one thing that we value as a family, that would be family day. We always make it a point to be  with each other during the weekend to have a tighter bond as a family. So what a perfect way to spend it than at the Breeze Sigeland toy store, where you can see your children's dreams come true just by shopping for a toy without any cash involved! No joke at all. The only payment was a mom's loving pledge to teach their child a value. :) 

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The Music Hall area of MoA was filled with fun stuff that the kids can enjoy; big screen for movies, photo booth, play areas, toys in every corner and a big place to run free so they can play with the different toys that they got from Sigeland. :)

As you can see, Athan can't get enough of the bouncy castle. He had 3 rounds when we were there!:) Just witness his many happy faces!

 photo breezesigeland_zps0762236b.jpg
 photo IMG_0721_zps45274d8b.jpg
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At the Breeze Sigeland toy store, we got to see different toys and Athan explored around the Music Hall to see what toy he wanted and from his toy, I based what value i'll be teaching him. 

 photo 1261_613764101980718_335363662_n_zpsa48fcbdd.jpg
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 photo IMG_0707_zpseb491ad6.jpg

And his pick was the Junior Painting Set! Definitely my Artsy Fartsy Jr. right there!:) That alone is enough for me to know that the value I pledge to teach him is to teach him creativity without having to  fear stains. :) 

I know most of us moms worry too much or even get upset when our kids play outdoors or when they do arts and crafts, because one way or the other, they'll definitely make a mess and often that includes the clothes they're wearing. But for me as a mother, being a kid would be so much more fun when you let your children express themselves freely and not let them fear playtime. That's one thing I liked about the Breeze Sigeland toy store concept. I teaches mothers to let their child play and along the way, they teach them a value as well. :)

 photo IMG_0720_zps259b139f.jpg

The little grumpy boy and if you're wondering why, it's because he didn't want to leave anymore. =P

And as soon as we got home, he opened his paint set and look at my little man go!

 photo breezesigeland2_zps4d860faa.jpg

He said he made a rainbow. :) Such an artist! And look, no aprons! No fear when it comes to stains! Sige sa Mantsa!:) Proud to be a Sige Mom!

If you missed this event and want a Breeze Sigeland Part 2, then go to Breeze Philippines and LIKE the photo HERE!


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