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by - June 27, 2013

When it comes to feeding our kids liquid medicines-including vitamins, we mommies know how much of a struggle this is and more often than not, it leads to chasing, crying, tantrums or worst, spilled medicine. I feel bad whenever those things happen. Because for one, you along with your kids get cranky when these struggles occur during medicine time and when it spills, it seems like your money  goes down the drain, because you would have to take another round. Which is why I look for flavors that would most likely appeal to my son Athan. I also like it when companies/brands take into consideration the ease of feeding kids medicine, but of course not compromising the health benefits it can give them.

One thing I saw in Champs Chewable Vitamins is they chose an alternative option for parents to offer to children in taking their vitamins--they can take vitamins the fun way because of the fun shapes that come in candy form and with good flavors to suit the taste of children.

The have 5 variants to choose from...

Fun Vitamins for Protection (Para Makaiwas sa Sakit): Natural Orange-flavor- Php 108
Fun Recovery Vitamin Combination (Pampaganang Kumain para sa Mabilis na Pagaling): Fruiti-flavor- Php 135
Fun on Taste, Big on Appetite (Pampaganang Kumain): Orange-flavor- Php 252
Fun Vitamins to Maintain General Health (Pampanatili ng Kalusugan): Pineapple-flavor- Php 180
Brain Vitamins for Kids (Pampatalino): Tutti Fruitti-flavor - Php 252

To be honest, I'm not sure if the flavor Pineapple would appeal too much to Athan, but so far the orange one with the heart shape is what he's taking and the first thing he noticed was the fun shape it had. :) There's triangle and donut shaped too! Knowing him, I'm sure the Fruitti flavors would also attract him. :) I also opened the Green bottle, because he's not so good when it comes to meal time, so I'm gonna try if it'll boost his appetite. :)

Champs Chewable Vitamins is available at

Mercury Drugstore
The Generics Pharmacy
Generika drugstore

and other leading drugstores nationwide!

*CHAMPS Chewable Vitamins is imported by: CCM Pharmaceuticals Division
CCM International (Phils), Inc.

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  1. the orange heart one is good!:)

  2. For me mas okay talaga if the vitamins have shapes and are chewable!! :D Hope your babies will like these!! :) See you soon beb please!!! Miss you :( :(


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