Styling K through sketches

by - June 27, 2013

Last month, Karylle passed me this video compilation that was made by her and Vice Ganda's fans. It was really amusing, because they really captured their sweet moments together. Super kulit!:) And what attracted me the most to it was the amazing sketches/drawings of them included in the video. Of course, I was thrilled to see that some of the outfits I styled were there!:)

You should watch it! Too bad I was only able to gather a few pictures of my outfits drawn. There's a few from the video as well that I don't have a copy of, so hope you can just watch it hehe. :))

The ones I have though, I give credit to the talented artist, YDNICHTUR21. :) You can follow the account for more awesome drawings of Karylle and Vice Ganda. :)

Just some of my styled outfits drawn!:) Thank you! Hoping to see more in the future! Heee!^_^


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  1. Ang cute naman nito, and sweet ng fans! :D Watching the vid na :D


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