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by - June 29, 2013

 photo IMG_0831_zps53bbffca.jpg
 photo IMG_0825_zpse7f07756.jpg
 photo IMG_0827_zpsdc2d5f71.jpg
 photo IMG_0830_zps90b95145.jpg

top, shorts & necklace: romwe
sunnies: elle // eye statement
bag: sm accessories
bracelets: simone's closet
sandals: topshop

On a perfectly good  sunny Saturday such as today this morning, I dressed up in a urban fashion and to complete my look, I wore my oversized Elle sunnies to have that classic feminine touch  to it. Truth be told, I felt like a super hero with my top and I just wore sunglasses to disguise myself. Very Clark Kent, but a woman =P

Kidding aside, just a summary of what I did; enjoyed the beginning of the weekend by enrolling at the newest university in town! Will blog about that soon!;) Then had a quick catching up lunch at Kenny Roggers with my good friends, Ana and Arnie. After that, Hubby and I headed to Megamall to watch World War Z with the mother-in-law. :) It was a good movie. The best zombie flick I've seen so far and just a heads up, if you're the type who can't sit through gross movies like me, don't worry cos it's not the bloody kind. :) Won't say anything more! Don't wanna spoil it for you, folks!

That's it! It's starting to rain hard and I heard there's a storm coming, so stay safe!:)


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  1. Spill! Spill this university! :) Love your top. I'm planning to get one of these too! :)

  2. Our bonding's super bitin :( Missed you beb!! Thanks to you and Ana for being my dates yesterday ♥ hehe!

  3. True. :( next time dapat mas matagal!:) mwah!

  4. thanks, melai!:) gow!! nice siya :D


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