Keep Calm and Carry On

by - June 22, 2013

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vest: sm ladies' fashion
top: mango
maxi skirt: sarah tirona
necklace: forever 21
watch: watch factory
bracelets: dainty betty

I'm doing things that I am passionate about, but there's this one particular thing that is starting to make me feel bad. Its been going on for awhile now and I really don't understand what I'm doing wrong or if there's something lacking. It's confusing for me. I'm trying my hardest, but it isn't paying off that much. I guess it's upsetting me, because I know I'm passionate about it, I strive and I'm determined. But why won't it work out? So now it makes me wonder if I should still keep doing it despite the disappointments and heavy heart results. 

Right now, I know I don't know how to give it up. How can you give up something you really want? Unless that thing decides to give up on you, I suppose. But I'm trying to pull myself together and just hope and pray that this all gets better. 

And like before, I turn to stuff or people that would help me look into the positive side more. Maybe I just need to sleep this off and if it's God's will, i'll try harder and harder until I get this right. 


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  1. Whatever you're going through Ava, I know you'll be fine.

    I once read a phrase somewhere. These are not the exact words but this was the thought of it... and I would like to share it with you.

    Things don't come easy. We often don't get what we really want in life but that fact shouldn't stop us from getting it. Some believe that if it's destined for you, it will happen or you'll eventually have it. But you know what I believe? I believe that if you believe you can have it, if you believe that in yourself that you will have it, then it will happen. Screw destiny or fate. Don't give up on something you want no matter how hard it may seem for you to achieve. You can set it aside for a while for you to get some fresh air but eventually, you can never runaway from what you aspire to do.

    And remember, it may look hard now, but it doesn't mean it's impossible.

    Cheer up Ava. We, your readers, has your back. ;)

  2. Exact same sentiments, babe. I feel you :( But whatever you're going through will be over eventually. You're a strong woman and I believe in you! Love you Ava. Always here for you. :*


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