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by - July 03, 2013

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I find it amazing how we're already at the second half of the year. It feels like time is running a marathon and soon we'll be at the finish line of 2013. That's the sad part, I suppose. I don't want this year to end just yet, because it seems like it only has begun. But that's inevitable, so i'll just make the most of the next 6 months and for starters, I'm saying hello to July by posting my last OTDs from June. :) Out of the 30 days of June, I was only able to take 8. So few compared to others, I know!=P Though, I wonder how many outfit posts i'll be taking for this month. I'm excited to dress up! :) Also, I hope this will be a good second half of the year for me. Looking forward to it!

So far, which one is your favourite from my June OTD?:) Would love to know!


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  1. Super pretty with all those looks!!! 4th and 7th photos are my favorites ♥ And I agree with you, bilis nga talaga and we're nearing the finish line of 2013 na. Realized I haven't done so much "memorable" things yet. Buuut we still have July to December, so yay!! :D See you very soon love!

  2. Finally! I saw the Disqus box hehe! I love the stripe maxi dress. Super cool lang pero ang fasyown! ;)

  3. i love you're purple/violet get-up matching silver shoes.. very dainty on you

  4. heee! thanks for coming back, sai! :D

  5. True yan!! Dibali, let's make more more memorable memories! hehe

  6. I loooove your 1st and 4th shoes!! I love your faded jeans, purple-ish look. Soshaling mommy for PTC, hehe! :)) And yay for disqus!


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