OTD through watercolor: part deux

by - July 31, 2013

Haven't had much time to update my ART DIARIES section, so I think it's about time to have another set of my outfit posts through watercolor. :)

Here are some of my June and July OTD...

 photo otdad1_zps08f40652.jpg
 photo otdad2_zpsddd56393.jpg

I only have limited colours right now, so sometimes it's a bit difficult to apply the exact colours you really see on my real outfits. I guess it's about time to invest on some more paint!

 photo otdad3_zpscb2d886d.jpg
 photo otdad4_zps9748c8c9.jpg

And this is my latest OTD...

 photo otdad5_zps4df71b03.jpg

I'm still trying to work on my detailing. Hopefully next time I can make my accessories or outfits more perceptible to the eyes. :) But for now, I'm happy I get the time to do this once in awhile. ;)


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  1. nice illustrations! i like the second one, super cute! may sunnies. haha

  2. Nice outfits! but the artworks are cool <3

  3. Super cute!!! ♥ Wish I had your talent babe. Haha miss you! SEE YOU TOM!! ♥


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