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by - July 15, 2013


top and shorts: Giordano PH
sneakers: Converse
necklace: forever 21
Bag: SuiteBlanco
turban: Cesa PH

There are some days when I feel sadness pouring down on me so bad, because of the situation that my family is currently dealing with right now. It's a difficult one and we're really trying our best to cope as early as now, so that it wouldn't impact our hearts that much in the future. But then again, even if people think they've conditioned themselves and feel like they're 101% prepared for anything, it still hits you hard in the end. 

I don't know what the outcome is going to be of this challenge. But all I know is that time is precious. With the little time you have left, you should give it your all-- give all your love, effort, happiness and all in all your BEST and for sure there wouldn't be any regrets. There are times when we want time to go faster or to be still, but truth is, it just goes its normal course and nothing can stop it no matter how much we plead. We have to make the most out of the little or much time we have in everything that we do. May you be young or old, embrace life. Love it and the people around you. 

I guess to simply put it, don't waste your time and life. There is so much to live for and even you can't see that, try harder. A lot of people are going through so much and sometimes you can't see that, because of their happy disposition. Not because they choose to ignore the situation, but just because they're trying to make the most out of every second. 


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  1. God has a way in order to realize and reflect on things that's most important. I wish you well Ms. Ava. you are not alone in this journey. But God will always be on our side no matter what. A little push and pull here to there is what is needs...

  2. Awww Ava. I pray that you and your family stay strong. God bless you!

  3. I feel you :( It's getting harder and harder to stay happy knowing may ganito tayong problems. Can't help but wonder why nangyayari such kind of things to us (with our families/friends), like deserve ba natin the situation or talagang we just need to learn a lesson. But eventually everything will be okay din babe! We just have to be strong! Love you, always always always here for you.

  4. Thank you, dear. :) It's uplifting to hear such words. :) I believe in everything you said.

  5. Hayy true, babe. :( Really hope to see you soon! thank you for all the comforting words despite the distance!

  6. Life gets rough and make get in our heads but don't let it ruin you. Stay strong, Ms. Ava! I'll be praying for you and your family. :D

  7. Wait... What's happening???? Are you guys okay?? Whatever it is you're going through, I'll be praying for you.. Alam mo nakaka-relate ako sa sadness na yan but there's nothing else we can do but be strong and move forward because the world won't stop to sulk with you. :( Hayyyyy!!!! I miss you girls!! Can we please hang out one of these days, kahit walang event.. Lunch or dinner lang.. Catch up lang! Love you!! <3

  8. hi ava! are you okay? I hope things will go on smoothly. always pray and just be strong. di tayo bibigyan ni God ng bagay na di natin kaya. Wish you allt he best!

  9. i'll let you know once we see each other. Love you, Hon. thank you. :)

  10. Hi Rovie, trying to be!:) you're right. thank you :-*


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