Archery in the city!

by - August 13, 2013

Whenever you watch a movie that has archery involved in it, don't the actors/actresses make us feel like it's so damn easy? For example, The Hunger Games, Robin Hood or Hawk Eye from Avengers. From the moment they put the arrow and to the point where they gracefully let it go. Looks easy, no sweat, right? 

 photo archery1_zpsa4a0a6f5.jpg

It's not!!! Why do I know? Well, last Friday, I tried archery for the very first time over at Kodanda Archery Range located at Makati Cinema Square with the blogkada and let's just say I went in there feeling I could pull off some Katniss Everdeen moves on my first try. Needless to say, I failed!=P It doesn't help that I am a La Sallian and dubbed as a green archer!:)) It's a difficult sport, but I won't deny that it's really thrilling!^_^ Oh and may I add that it's another great way to relieve stress and improve on your focus!

 photo IMG_1138_zpsd19e7a0e.jpg
 photo IMG_1128_zps99b201cf.jpg

If you're wondering why the place is called KODANDA...

 photo IMG_1121_zpsf8e057f4.jpg
*[sanskrit: he who has bow]

It's actually inspired by the great Rama in Hinduism as the Lord of Virtue (Maryada Purushottama). It said that he was able to overtake the harsh tests of life and time with the powerful bow. :)

 photo IMG_1122_zpsaf1b4fb2.jpg
Trained by Olympic champion-Syd Nerickson Fraginal :)
 photo IMG_1124_zps833eaa9a.jpg
Name that archer! hehe :) Ana, Tracy, Me, Paul and Hubby!

Before the actual targeting, we were taught by the trainers of Kodanda on how to stand, how to hold our bows and how to load our arrows. It took some getting used to, but once your all set, the fun starts!

 photo IMG_1129_zps1ef2ccdf.jpg
 photo IMG_1132_zps62cbfe95.jpg

We did an hour worth of archery and it felt like we were only doing it for 20 minutes. It was that fun! I still have a lot of practice to do in terms of my aim. Which is why, I can't wait to go back with the blogkada and hubby!:) Another round of this and for sure, i'll be skilled like Katniss Everdeen! Preparing for Catching Fire! hehe!:)

 photo IMG_1134_zps9e4867e7.jpg

Thank you, Kodanda Archery Range for this one of a kind experience! I'll be back!


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  1. Hoho super sad I missed this <///3 Next time uli please!!!

  2. Haha. OMG. Ang pretty/dainty mo masyado to be Katniss Everdeen. More like Arwen Evenstar dapat ang peg mo. :) Lovet! Will check this out, too. Nainggit ako. :p

  3. wow! i want to try that! nkakainggit, :)

  4. This is too cool!!! =))



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