Trying to be boyish but not quite

by - August 13, 2013

So this is what I basically wore to our day of archery. I tried going for a boyish look, but I somewhat failed, because I ended up with pink plaids and lace shorts. =P Nothing more girly than that!

 photo IMG_1139_zps2005a3bc.jpg

But at least my sneaker wedges somehow compensated for that. :) I think it makes any outfit look boyish. Don't you love how sneaker wedges go perfectly well with shorts? Mine is kinda old already, but they're my only pair and I like them a lot. ^_^

 photo IMG_1143_zpsa010d575.jpg
 photo IMG_1145_zps38cdfb33.jpg

What's with the kawaii pose? Well, the hubby asked for a Korean pose due to my new hair and that's the best I came up with. =P Lame I know! I could have done two peace signs!! haha! I kid, I kid!

I guess another kawaii thing other than my pose is the bag.  I just find the carnival print too adorable! Check out Parachute bags to see more cute convertible bags!:)

 photo IMG_1142_zps91726a03.jpg

top: mossimo
watch: dainty rainbows ph
shorts: elle girl
bag: parachute bags
sneaker wedges: gifts ahoy

Experiencing a few backlogs, so I hope you don't mind if I squeeze them in this week!=P 

The rain keeps pouring. :( If you can avoid going out, please do! Stay safe, everyone!


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  1. super cute parin ava!! hihi effortlessly girly ka kasi :D

  2. I love your wave hair!! cool!!

  3. I like your new hair!! <3 And also those sneaker wedges.. It's kinda hard to wear heels during the rainy season, and its even harder to wear flats kasi baka maputikan. :/

    Love & miss you! <3

  4. Super love this!!! Can't believe I still don't own a pair of sneaker wedges. Haha! So pretty, babe!

  5. love love the sneaker wedges ava! might not be a boyish look but you certainly look adorable and love the hair din! :)



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