In times of need

by - August 20, 2013

I cannot express how bad this typhoon is. We didn't have electricity the whole day,  our basement got flooded knee deep, most of our stuff (even the heavy ones) got washed away, and our car had to be moved to higher ground, because the flood water was only an inch away from entering it. I can only imagine what the other families must be going through right now, especially the ones who are already experiencing waist deep flood. But despite feeling helpless at home, I still thank God that we're all safe, including my neighbors who have kids as well. 

I am hoping that the all the families here in the Philippines are safe. If you are experiencing extreme flood in your area, please do evacuate ASAP! Do not hesitate in leaving your belongings. Just bring the essentials like a few clothes, food and rain gear. Do not risk your safety. 

Right now since I'm stuck at home and only keeping track of the news/happenings outside through the internet, I hope these reposts above help you a bit on what to do if you're unsure. Stay safe, everyone and #PrayforthePhilippines.


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