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They say in life that one of your greatest treasures would be to have a true friend and I couldn't agree more.   Because sometimes the irony in life is there are friends who you think will be there for you all throughout your life just because you're together all the time, but in the end leaves you. While, there are friends that you don't see often due to your busy schedules and the distance, but still manages to be there for you no matter what. Those kind of friends are gems. I may not have huge barkadas or numerous friends, but I know in my heart that I have set of friends that I can truly count on through hell  and high water.

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I've been through a lot of struggle in the past and I know I couldn't have made through those if it weren't for the support/help of my friends. They were my shoulder to cry on and made me stronger, wiser (in my foolish times) and taught me how to be a good friend in return as well. After all, friendship is a two way street; you have to give and take.

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top: mango
pants: uniqlo
earrings: forever 21
bag: suiteblanco
sandals: topshop

To my good friends for more than a decade; Nickie and Joy, I'm so happy we reunited and it was even greater, because despite the long months of not seeing each other, nothing has changed.  We still talk, laugh and treat each other the same way. As if it were high school all over again. :) Thank you, both for being in my life!

"Real friends don't have to speak or to see each other daily 
in order to remain in each other's hearts always."


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  1. I love your top here, babe!!! I miss taking your outfit shotssss. Huhu.

  2. Nice pants! I like it :)

  3. ava your hair is so noice!!! you look so pretty as always!!

  4. Totally agree with you :') Nothing beats good company! Love you beeeb ♥ So pretty in this OOTD btw! Love this kind of ensemble on you :)

  5. I am in love with your bag! 😍 And indeed, friends like that are gems.

  6. Aww thanks, Rovie! and your body naman is hot hot hot! :D

  7. Thanks, babe! See you soon! Stay safe!

  8. Thanks, love!! :D See you soon!

  9. SUPER love this look on you!! So so so classy!! And kahit hindi tayo masyado nagkikita, I want you to know that I'm your friend and I'm here for you anytime. ;) Love and miss you!!! <3


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