JD House of Lasagna

by - August 24, 2013

As a kid growing up, my favourite food of all time would have to be pasta. Well, even up to now!=P You can say that I already became a connoisseur, so when dining outside, I know for sure if that pasta is good or not.

Why am I mentioning this? A week ago, my blogkada and I headed over to the posh Mckinley Hill to try out JD House of Lasagna for dinner. The interior of the place is so welcoming and cozy. You can definitely bring your friends here to chill and relax. I think it took us hours before we left. We had so much fun talking and eating. Just goes to show that the place is worth staying at. :)

 photo IMG_1496_zps5aa22b4d.jpg
 photo IMG_1495_zpse92b8c50.jpg
 photo IMG_1494_zps48bceca4.jpg

Of course for the food, we initially had a taste of their own version of All-Meat Lasagna, which I heard is a house specialty and is craved for by the people who go there. We also tried various dishes like Beef Salpicao, Pork Roulade, Orange Chicken, NachosChicken Cordon Bleu and a lot more. But for vegans, like my good friend Ana, they served Veggie Lasagna. :)

 photo IMG_1439_zps8684c135.jpg

The verdict? OVERWHELMING! But in a good way!:) My tummy was satisfied and true enough, their lasagna is mouth-watering!:) One of the best that I've tasted! I would recommend you to try it. :)

 photo IMG_1441_zpsa751d839.jpg

Thank you so much to JD House of Lasagna for filling our tummies with good food!:) It was a perfect match to our good company! Just witness our happy faces. :)

To know more about JD House of Lasagna, visit them over at Facebook:



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  1. now i'm craving for some lasagna!! haha :P great interiors indeed!

  2. Starving as I read this post... :| hahaha missed you guys!!


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