Hedgren Style Fair

by - August 23, 2013

I remember when I first entered high school. My mom gave me a Hedgren backpack as a present to welcome my first year. I was so happy, because backpacks were my favourite kind of school bag and it was in the perfect shade of purple. :) I had it for so long and used it every single day, even if I wasn't in school. Reason why it already gave up on me. =P But it was really sturdy!

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Which is why I was happy when I heard that Hedgren was having a Style Fair from August 15-16 at Glorietta Activity Center to celebrate their 20th year. I just had to go see their fashion show. Their bags kinda give me a nostalgic feeling. :)

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The fashion show featured Hedgren's Fall 2013 collection. Showcased at the runway were Hedgren's Anniversary bag which is a spacious body bag perfect for day-to-day use or for travelling; the Inner City Printed sling bag for casual days; the Hedgren Pure Canvas sling bag which goes well with just about anything; the Hedgren Sporty Chic hand bag which is great for busy days ahead; and the Hedgren Subway tote which is a highly versatile bag meant either for the daily grind or for relaxed weekends.

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Aside from the models strutting down the runway with beautiful clothes made by Fashion Institute of the Philippines and Edgar Allan with their Hedgren bags, they also showcased real working women with the new Hedgren bags. Because through the Hedren Style Fair, real people such as working professionals were made to realise that style can be achieved with just the right combination of self-confidence and a basic know-how on grooming and styling. After all, Hedgren is all about real style for real people. :)

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The Hedgren Fall 2013 collection...

 photo hedgren6_zpsf8a35766.jpg

For more information about Hedgren’s Style Fair 2013, please visit www.hedgren.com. You may also like them on Facebook (HedgrenPhilippines) or follow them on Twitter (HedgrenPH).


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