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by - August 25, 2013

Love is said to be one of the strongest word that anyone can use. It can make you completely happy or hurt you so many times. It differs for many people. But all I can say is, when you love someone, you'll swallow your pride and do what you think is best, even if you totally hate when you're going to do. 

 photo IMG_1255_zps3263cde2.jpg

Just last night, I had to do one of the last things on earth that I would ever want to do. Well, to put it more bluntly, it's not even the last thing I would ever want to do. But because someone I love badly needs it and because I know that it will fill that person with happiness, I did it and forgot how it would make me feel.I put the past behind me and I made peace with someone. I decided to be selfless on that person's behalf. Because when you love, you show them how much. You give unconditionally.

 photo IMG_1257_zps2271a0f3.jpg
 photo IMG_1258_zps245d051d.jpg

But for the record, my relationship or marriage is not in jeopardy! Don't go there! It's not even related to what I am talking about. I am absolutely happily married. Thank God for that. So, if you think that this entry is about forgetting how you would feel despite your partner taking you for granted or being martyr is alright, then that's wrong wrong wrong! This is not that kind of entry!

Never let anyone take you for granted. You and your partner should always feel equally loved. Two way street! Always keep that in mind and heart.

 photo IMG_1259_zps573bbccd.jpg

top: mango
pants: bershka
earrings: power plant mall
bag: parfois

I'm just thankful for everyday that I get to see and be with the people I love. To show them how much I do even in the smallest way possible. I thank God for that. Always show your loved ones how much you do while you can.

Despite the gloomy weather, happy long weekend, everyone!


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  1. nice outfit! :)

    Visit my blog: I AM JENNIYA

  2. Yes, shower the people you love with love! :) Love your whole getup!

  3. Whatever this is about, I'm happy and proud that you're a strong woman! Love you Aves!!! Kwentuhan soon, okay? Love your outfit, as always, of course!! ♥

  4. this post in intriguing! i wonder who you are pertaining to! :P anway, lovely outfit ava!

  5. good to know that your relationship is strong! and I agree that we have to show our love to the people while we can :) cute pants ava! :D


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