Yabu opens at SM North!

by - August 30, 2013

Since their first branch opening back in November 2011 at SM Megamall, Yabu has captured the hearts and of course, the tummy of many. Looking back on my old posts about Yabu: HERE and HERE. This was when they were fairly new to the food industry, I can say that I witnessed how they grew and I'm proud how far they've come with already their 5th branch opened at SM North Edsa. It just makes me happy seeing their success!:)

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I believe this is one of their biggest branches. :) Of course with absolutely good food, you have it match it up with the awesome company of friends. Luckily, my Blogkada and I share the same love for Katsu!   If you and your friends haven't tried Yabu up to this very day, may I just ask, what planet are you on??? You're missing out!:)

 photo IMG_1265_zps51fc6b52.jpg
 photo IMG_1277_zpsc03bccff.jpg
Happy to see Kiben and my tey Keigh!!:)
 photo IMG_1266_zps9300eb00.jpg
CAPTION THIS: Bestie: This is all yummy! Kelly: IKR? I told you so! haha :))

And when the food comes, that's when the conversations start getting interesting!:) I think most of our talks were about "What's your favourite thing to order here?" "Is that appetizer good?" or "I wanna have some!!:)" "That's really good!" OK.Fine! So, we still talk about food while eating! It cannot be helped! But rest assured, our tummies we're SO full after this.

 photo IMG_1273_zps2c71f192.jpg
My two faves: Hiyayakko Tofu and Potato Salad :)
 photo IMG_1270_zps6cb059da.jpg
They have brown rice too!!:)
 photo IMG_1274_zps5154ddc6.jpg
The Miso Katsu Set
 photo IMG_1275_zpse32c0278.jpg
Mixed Katsu Set: Choices of Hire/Chicken with Seafood :)

If you still didn't know, Yabu offers UNLIMITED rice, miso soup and cabbage for all Katsu set meals.  One of the reasons why you really will go out full and satisfied. Truly you get your moneys worth. :)

And of course, I had my ultimate favourite meal. If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you probably already know what that is. ;)

 photo IMG_1276_zps3e222cae.jpg
 photo IMG_1280_zps5d4bec09.jpg

Menchi Katsu! Minced meat with creamy cheesy goodness!^_^ How can I ever resist you?!

 photo IMG_1279_zps7a9a2ab1.jpg
 photo IMG_1278_zpsd21fc3d3.jpg

If I haven't raved enough about how much I love Yabu, then let their comfort room entertain you with all the happy comments of their customers. May I add, I am one of those customers. Haha yes, I still am raving!=P My family and I are Yabu lovers. We just keep coming back. :) I think for this year alone, we've eaten there more than 5 times already. :) F na F!! Fan na fan!=P

Don't forget to visit Yabu at the 2nd floor of The Block SM North Edsa

Thank you, Yabu, Denise and Erika for having me!:) Congratulations again on your newest branch! May it be as successful as the other branches!



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  1. hi! how much does that Menchi Katsu set meal cost? I'm excited to have a taste of Yabu when I go to Manila next week!

    Chamee of http://blog.misslitratista.com

  2. Joaquin Iñigo MedinaAugust 30, 2013 at 5:33 PM

    You speak the truth! Woohoo I see my happy comment up there too! :D


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