Korean-Inspired Giordano

by - September 25, 2013

After almost a month of postponing their launch, Giordano officially opened its first Korean-themed store in the Philippines last September 21, 2013, marking the first wave of K-Fashion choices in Giordano Philippines shores.

cool framed quotes!:)

If you love going to shopping at Shopsville, Greenhills, then it will be a sure treat for you, because Giordano there carries items from Giordano Hong Kong and now, Korea. :)

love the polka dot cardigan!!
hot model este pants =P
fave look!
Some of the looks remind me of Beb Ana's boho style before!:)

The first collection from Korea will feature an assortment of cotton-blend pique polos for men and muted solid cotton tops in premium slug and polyester-blend fabrics for women. 

The second wave of Korean style pieces is slated to arrive in Giordano Philippines stores next month already!:)

Layering of shirts!:)
Yes, it's okay!;)
Cute shorts! They remind me of a picnic day!:)

Alongside the store's launch, Giordano will introduce its sister brand, BSX or Beyond Style Exchange. BSX offers American street casual wear for the young and trendy fashion innovators. Characterized by bright colours, layers and over-all functionality, BSX is all about relaxed fun.

I really love Giordano when it comes to basics and seeing their Korean-inspired collection totally captured my heart. I love the printed tees and the loose vibe of it all. :)

Our Giordano girl, Lloyda modelling their latest collection :)
Catch's pick!:)
Janeena Chan, Beb Ana, Me, Sean :)

The collection was such a hit that after the program and fashion show, people started shopping and Beb Ana and I ran out of the polka dot cardigan. :( But! We did find other cool stuff! Friends from the media can definitely say that we love Giordano!:)
Giordano Concepts store is located at the 2nd floor, Shopsville Arcade, Greenhills. :)


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