Shang's New East Wing

by - September 30, 2013

Two Saturdays ago was a busy weekend for me. I had two events to go to, but thankfully they were quite near each other; one was in Greenhills and the next one was at Shangri-La Mall. :) It rained like cats and dogs on our way to Shang but we had a car, so thank God for that!

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If you've been to Shang Mall, you would notice that they've been doing a lot of renovations lately and now on its 22nd year, Shangri-La Plaza has officially launched its new East Wing via a grand event that featured the best of the mall's lifestyle offerings.

On my way to the East Wing with Beb Ana and we were surprised with the red carpet welcome and service people lined up with food on our way in!:)

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 photo IMG_9416_zpsc4dd2484.jpg
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When they told us that they were going to serve cocktails, I didn't know it was going to be a food fest. Everything was unlimited from the participating restaurants of the East Wing. They had food and drinks from, Green Pastures, UCC Park Café, Krispy Kreme, Jamba Juice, Bread Talk, Spätzle Euro Market Café and more!

Obviously, Beb Ana and I got carried away with the dessert section which had unlimited Gelatissimo and TWG Macarons!^_^

 photo IMG_9410_zps58020e18.jpg
 photo IMG_1967_zps11800ade.jpg
Photo from beb Ana :)
 photo IMG_9418_zps3cc904ec.jpg

It was definitely food heaven for foodie lovers. :) Death by awesome cocktails!

 photo IMG_9415_zpsda8a7158.jpg

Present to welcome the guests and offer a preview of the East Wing's offerings was the Shang's Executive Vice President and General Manager Lala Fojas.

"The Shangri-La brand is something people are familiar with, no matter what age. It speaks of good taste and luxury, which means the Shang experience is as good as you can get. With the East Wing, we have basically pushed the envelope to make the Shangri-La Plaza lifestyle experience a total pleasurable experience that appeals to your senses, to your heart, as well as to your soul."-Lala Fojas.

The East Wing of Shang has a pleasant ambiance that you will surely love and to top it all off, it was six retail levels for your retail pleasure! Here are some of my favourite stores and food stops from the East Wing...

 photo shangeast_zps90460552.jpg


 photo shangeast2_zps624c64d0.jpg


These are just a few. There's more to discover, experience and indulge at the Shang's new East Wing, so make sure to drop by!:)

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