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by - October 11, 2013

Nowadays we often forget how to take care of ourselves. We forget that being healthy is actually important, because without our health, we wouldn't be able to function. I guess with all the fast food chains sprouting like mushrooms and our fast lifestyle, we tend to neglect the significant stuff. 

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Last week I started seeing an Endocrinologist to find out why I'm losing weight so much lately. I don't usually go lower than 90 pounds, but for some reason I reached as low as 87.9 this month. My family got scared for me, because that never happened before. We did a couple of blood tests too and thankfully, they came out normal. The only downside was I lack Vitamin D a lot in my system. Normally it should be around 30 and I only had 8. Kamusta naman yun diba? As my doctor would put it, "Ubos na ubos any vitamin D!" She recommended that I rest as much as I can and prescribed my some Vitamin D 3x a day to replace what I lost. 

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I guess my lack of vitamin is due to all the stress I've been encountering the past few months. But I am really trying my best to get some R&R and to gain some weight. Believe me, it isn't fun to be too thin. It's as worse as being obese. So, lesson is to eat right, sleep right, take your vitamins, exercise regularly and just love your body. Let's not wait till we get sick before we do things right. Health is wealth!

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*Thanks, Beb Ana for the photos!*

pants: giordano philippines
sandals: lebunny bleu
watch: dainty rainbows ph
bag: marc by marc jacobs

Anyhoo, the traffic was so terrible awhile ago, right?? OMG. If you were just at home the whole day and have no clue whatsoever about it, good for you! I'm glad for the people who didn't have to experience it. I can't believe rain nowadays can cause flood in an instant and extreme traffic. So bad. -_- Just goes to show we also have to take care more of our environment. Sigh.

It's finally Friday! Hope you all have a nice weekend ahead!


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  1. Of all things, it's sitting in traffic that I hate most. And I'm with you with health is wealth. :)

  2. Lovely pants! and yes, Health is Wealth.

  3. Kaya pala sabi ko bakit parang pumapayat ka lately. All you are okay now and don't forget to take some rest once in a while. Hindi naman masamang makaramdam ng pagod, haha.

  4. Hope you'll feel better now, beb! Buti nagpa-checkup ka right away. Praying for your health!


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