PhFW S/S'14: Giordano

by - October 27, 2013

The brand Giordano is no stranger when it comes to fashion. Its been around for so long. I remember wearing Giordano growing up and up until now! It's the brand I really go to for casual days. But if you're a master at mixing and matching, then you can definitely wear it during events as well. ;) I guess you can say I'm a huge fan. Main reason why I got hyped up when I heard that they were going to be a part of this year's PhFW Spring Summer 2014. :) I surely can't miss this!

 photo IMG_0085_zps2abc51b1.jpg

Giordano made its debut tonight with their Spring Summer collection that offers sea-guide glamour and earthly appeal while staying true to its clean and casual vibe. Nothing too over the top. But still very eye-catching and wearable, of course. :)

 photo g1_zpsb749d3d0.jpg
 photo g3_zpsa8d98b09.jpg
 photo g2_zpse5afe749.jpg

For the nautical and dapper kids, you will surely fall for their Holiday Cruise and Linen Story that has a lot of nautical elements, updated chambrays, summer linens and oxfords in crisp pastel palette. I myself already fell in love with their striped dresses and acid-wash polos. :)

 photo g4_zps031c9c21.jpg

To stir things a bit, Linen, a Giordano summer staple, will get a new lease on life with vivid prints and colours. You'll see some Aztec, Navajo and Nomadic elements present in this collection. I'm personally digging the jacket with neon green piping on the hoodie( left photo). Too pretty, right?? This collection shifts from an earthly side to a burst of colour. :)

 photo g5_zps565dc832.jpg
 photo g7_zpsdb046efc.jpg
 photo g6_zps3db4d503.jpg

The Holiday Cruise is inspired by luxurious travels and sandy shores with a selection of Brenton tops paired with oxford and linen shorts, the look reminiscent of the easy French Riviera fashion. The nautical theme sails on with a plethora of chambrays. 

You can never go wrong with your basics. See how many ways you can wear your Giordano outfits? You can tie your button-down tops, overlap a top on your dresses, wear a blazer over a plain tee, accessorize and so much more. 

 photo IMG_0083_zpsf38956c6.jpg

I really enjoyed viewing Giordano's S/S'14 collection. I already have a few picks in mind and can't wait to drop by their stores soon!:) How about you? What are your favourites from the collection?:) Would love to know!


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