Domex: Saving lives, one toilet at a time

by - November 05, 2013

I guess you're wondering based on my title post, why on earth is Ava blogging about toilets or did her lifestyle blog just made an instantaneous shift into a toiletry-hygiene kinda type?

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Well, to clarify things up, yes, this entry will be about toilets, but for a good cause! I actually learned a lot at the media launch of Domex- One Million Clean Toilets Movement this afternoon and I'd like share to you this advocacy. I'm sure it would be something of interest to you after reading the whole thing. :)

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Host Dimples Romana w/ Domex people teaching us the proper way to clean toilets :)
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Do you agree that one of the dirtiest part of house, mall and gas stations would have to be the bathroom? But did you know that there are about 2 million bacteria per inch that can be found there and yet over 90% of local households are unaware of proper toilet hygiene? Aside from that, It's quite obvious that germs can live in there and it can spread rapidly and make you sick if you don't have the proper sanitation. It's easy to keep things clean with bleach or soap, but those will only clean the surface. They cannot provide germ-killing agents and total disinfection.

 photo domex2_zpsf7c3838e.jpg
Steps in proper toilet cleaning :)
 photo domex5_zps43421f0f.jpg
Pledged to save lives with my love Arnie!:)

Reason why a lot of people, especially children get illnesses such as influenza, diarrhea, and hepatitis. These can instantly kill people. Together with proper hand washing (click here to see entry) and the understanding of proper bathroom sanitation can actually combat the prevalence of these life-threatening diseases. Which brings Unilever to address this cause through their Sustainable Living Plan (USLP) and have the One Million Clean Toilets movement. With this they have UNICEF, the Philippine Public Health Association, the City of Manila and Pilipinas Shell to help them increase awareness.

Through all this, leading number one germ-killer brand Domex plans to expand its annual support for World Toilet Day Celebrations and will deputize Germ busters though a series of training activities on the proper servicing of restrooms covering City Service employees, NLEX and SLEX Shell gas station service personnel, and selected school and hospital sanitation staff. So you can expect cleaner restrooms at Shell gas stations soon. ;)

 photo domex4_zps458e60f9.jpg
Unilever, UNICEF and the City of Manila Pledge to save lives one toilet at a time. :)

Imagine how simple acts such as good hygiene can improve millions of lives around the world. It would secure a brighter future for everyone. It helps to be educated about these things. So why wait, right? We should starting acting now!

 photo domex6_zps6e539b1c.jpg

The objective of this campaign is to collect a total of one million pledges from private households to conscientiously maintain their own clean, safe, and hygienic bathrooms by the next world Toilet Day in November 2014. 

Today, I take part in this amazing cause by pledging to save lives one toilet at a time and it will start at my own home. You too can pledge to support the One Million Clean Toilets Movement via the Domex Philippines FB page: In line with this, Domex will donate Php 5 to UNICEF's Sanitation Program for every pledge received. This will contribute a great deal to the global fund in improving access to basic sanitation areas of need all over the world. So, what are you waiting for?:) Pledge right this very minute to save lives!


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