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by - November 03, 2013

Being a mom and wife, there are many tasks at hand and one of them is to make sure that my family gets to eat well and that their meals are prepared the right way. But of course, there are times that after cooking, it cannot be helped that there are leftovers. Especially when I cook! I tend to over estimate ingredients and I cook pasta for more than 4 people or chicken curry that can last up to 2 days. I guess you can say I don't like my family running out of food to eat. :)

Hence, I need a place to put our leftovers or meals that I want to pack up without them spoiling in our fridge. I wanna avoid using plates/bowls then covering them with plastic film. The act is tedious and what a waste of plastic film after every use, right? And of course, the plastic film doesn't guarantee leak-proof. 

 photo IMG_2157_zps258a6ef3.jpg
My own set of Avon Home by Neoflam :)

After much pondering on what to do, just my luck I discovered something new from Avon Living and if you're a mom like me who's OC about home essential stuff, then you'll like what I'm going to share with you all. :)

In partnership with world-renowned kitchenware company Neoflam, Avon has a new line called Avon Home by Neoflam. It's a collection of plastic ware that makes it easy for us to prepare meals. It comes in various sizes, which perfectly accommodates different types of food and our needs--from marinating to microwaving and organizing to freezing. 

Like I said above, bowls + plastic film doesn't guarantee leak-proof. Reason why Avon Home by Neoflam is great. It packs food in leak-and spill-proof airtight and watertight containers for lasting freshness. But not only that, you also have the Neoflam Vacuum storage Technology.

 photo neoflamvacuumpump_zps51bd8327.jpg
Special introductory price of Php 99 (regular price Php 199)
 photo avonhome1_zps78240dd8.jpg

This helps preserve food nutrients, enhance its flavour, and prolong freshness by vacuuming air out of the container. This makes a great companion to any container from the line and can enhance the flavor or marinated food. 

I know some people are scared of using plastic ware. These are made from Silicon and PP. But you can actually enjoy this product because of its added safety with Antimicrobial Product Protection and BPA-free. :)

 photo neoflam_zpsa8980afc.jpg
Blue containers: 1.2L Rectangular Vacuum Container- Php 379
2.3L Rectangular Vacuum Container- Php 450

Pink containers: 0.8L Square Vacuum Container- Php 299
1.5L Square Vacuum Container- Php 349

 This makes me want to plain picnics and more excited for Athan's future field trips! Aside from that, these have certain made my kitchen life more convenient and easy. :)

Fore more Avon Products visit the ff:



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  1. Is this really good? I mean better than the lock and lock brand? I wanted to buy for myself pero hesitant ako.


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