FujiFilm announces the new X-E2

by - November 11, 2013

I know I'm not a professional photographer nor am I that good. But I do turn to it as a hobby and when it comes to buying cameras, I always consider if it can take really clear pictures, as in to the point that it looks so real that you can touch the person/thing on that photo. Another thing is if I can see the beautiful colours on it like in real life. Basically, I want something that brings sharpness and clarity. :)

But of course, due to commuting sometimes, I can't afford to bring a bulky DLSR. Reason why I don't have. I'd rather go for a camera that can fit in my bag, because my day can get pretty busy; From school, fetch my son from school and then I would sometimes go to events. Imagine how tough it would be to do all those if I had to lug around a huge camera in my tiny purse. It would be impossible! 

Which is why it's so awesome that camera companies nowadays such as FUJIFILM come out with compact and stylish cameras that you can easily bring around. One of them would be their INSTAX MINI 90 and the new FUJIFILM X-E2.

 photo XE2_zpsd655ea0e.jpg
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Key Features

  • 16.3 million pixels APS-C X-Trans CMOS II Sensor
  • Original color filter array to control moiré and false color without an optical low pass filter
  • EXR Processor II
  • FUJIFILM x Mount
  • Lens Modulation Optimizer for improved image quality
  • 3-inch(1.04 million dot) premium clear LCD ( high contrast, high brightness and wide viewing angle)
  • AF speed 0.08 sec
  • Film simulation modes ( Velvia, ASTIA, PROVIA, Monochrome, Sepia. Pro Neg.Std & Pro Neg. Hi)
  • Artistic features inc. Multiple exposure, Panoramic shooting and eight filter effects
  • Full HD Movie
  • Interchangeable lens camera
*There's more but these are some of what caught my attention. :)*

I attended the launch of this sleek camera last week and different famous local master photographers like Niko Villegas, George Tapan and Rommel Bundalian  did a little show-and-tell with their experience using the X-E2 and let me tell you, I was blown away how beautiful their photos were. One even said he has been SLR-free for already a year!

In the digital age of Instagram, I think one of the best features of this camera is that you can Wirelessly transfer your images from the X-E2 to your smartphone or tablet after you install the free FUJIFILM Camera Application app. It also has Wi-Fi so you can save your photos to your PC. :)

 photo IMG_20131105_150541_zps514b4b8a.jpg
 photo IMG_20131105_151436_zps13ec46ab.jpg

BTW, excuse my photos during the event. I know it's very grainy. I unfortunately left both my iPad and camera that day, so I had to make do with my phone, which was low batt. Fail day!-_- So, the sample photos here are more beautiful in real life than how it was taken on my phone. My phone didn't give it justice! Sorry about that. :(

 photo IMG_20131105_151250_zps9a54b748.jpg
 photo IMG_20131105_151227_zps2a5e3459.jpg
 photo IMG_20131105_151302_zps51088a0e.jpg

Aside from the amazing X-E2, FUJIFILM also carries other premium compact cameras like X-Q1, X-A1, X100 and the X-Pro1

 photo IMG_20131105_151339_zps5930f8ac.jpg
 photo IMG_20131105_151353_zpseee696a7.jpg

These cameras are definitely worth to invest in!:) Better OTD photos, right? hehe! I kid! Not just for that, of course!

For more updates about FUJIFILM and the X-E2, visit them:



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