Pancake day!

by - November 12, 2013

I know I've mentioned that Saturday is my favourite day of the week countless of times, but for the nth time, it really is!:) This is the day when my family and I make it a point to go out and bond. We usually go to the mall, eat and go around. But once in awhile, we try to do something different. :)

Like last Saturday, the family and I headed to SM Aura after Asher's checkup and we strolled around the mall for awhile, then headed to Slappy Cakes to try out their famous "make your own pancakes" themed resto. I've been dying to try it out since they opened up a branch in Eastwood. But that's too far, so it took awhile. Luckily now they have a branch closer to home! Of course, we couldn't pass up on the All-Day-Breakfast as well. =P Fave!

 photo IMG_2845_zps1ef6b95c.jpg
 photo IMG_2846_zps3358e8e8.jpg

First off, sorry I won't be able to do a full review about the restaurant, because I got too excited to make my own pancakes! haha!:)) So most of the photos you'll see here are pancakes and more pancakes!=P What a blogger, right?? Fail whale!

So, yes, I got a little vain and did my name first. I attempted to make a heart, but failed miserably! As you can see, it doesn't look anything like a heart. I don't know what it looks like either. =P But my name can pass the pancake standards, right?^_^

 photo IMG_2850_zpse440e685.jpg

This place is an awesome place for kids. :) It's really fun! Watch out for the hot griddle though! Athan got hurt a little cos he got close. But it's all good! Look at our happy camper with his pancake man! So cute!^_^ He made that on his own!

 photo IMG_2848_zpsb80aa2e0.jpg
 photo IMG_2849_zpsd56caad4.jpg

BTW, the batter we picked out is Buttermilk. Super good! Each batter cost around Php 225+ and it comes in an 8oz bottle. After picking your batter, you can choose your toppings, fixins, and savory such as maple syrup, lemon curd, rich chocolate sauce, milk chocolate chips, nutella, crushed nuts, bananas, bacon, salted egg, smoked ham and many more!:)

For the second time, I made a heart and happy to say that I succeeded! Oh and the batter next to it is a solider made by the Hubby!:)

 photo IMG_2851_zps675de143.jpg

So kiddie!! But I love it! I find it cute!:)

 photo IMG_2852_zpsc74010e2.jpg

The Hubby couldn't pass up making your everyday typical shaped pancake. Only his is the baby kind. :) Mini pancake! This was already are second to the last drop of batter. :( But don't be fooled! 8oz is already a lot if you plan to eat more than just pancakes. We had salad and a main dish, so having the pancakes was like dessert already. :)

 photo IMG_2847_zps860c70a6.jpg

For the last batter, I made a star and sprinkled some bacon bits on it. YUM!!^_^

 photo IMG_2853_zps75249b3b.jpg

And that ends our Slappy Cakes experience!:) I can't wait to go back again. I plan to be a pancake making connoisseur!;) But kidding aside, this place is definitely for the family and the food is good too. You should try it! I'm sure you and your kids would love it. Brings out the creativity in you as well!;)

Just to make things clear, this is not a sponsored post. :) I genuinely enjoyed Slappy Cakes and I tried it out, because it seemed fun and it is!:) I'll surely be back and I promise, the next time I do, i'll post a much clearer and better review!:)

Slappy Cakes Branches:

New Eastwood Mall
SM North The Block
SM Aura Premier

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  1. I've been seeing this sa SM North pero mas pinipili ko Yabu kasi I felt na parang hindi naman ako mabubusog with 8oz of batter considering that we are 4 in the family. Anyway, I think I'm going to give in and try this over the weekend kasi for sure my kids will totally love it.

  2. It looks so yumi :D I want to be at the restuarant like this :) So fun! :DD

  3. Aww cutie!! I'd love to try out Slappy Cakes, too ♥ And we're the same, I'd probably "cook" my name first before any other pancake styles.. hahaha!


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